All round whitening lets you whiten from head to toe

1、 Skin whitening starts from your face

Many girls will complain that their skin color is not white enough. Although they never dare to be careless with skin care products, they still have little effect with all kinds of whitening strategies. At this time, you may want to think about it carefully. Maybe your daily cleaning habits are wrong. In many cases, the dull complexion and lack of luster are closely related to our wrong cleaning habits. If we are not patient and careful enough to wash and remove makeup every day, the accumulated dirt and dust will accumulate in the pores, the stratum corneum will become thicker and thicker, the skin will lose its transparency, affect the absorption of nutrients in skin care products, and the skin will naturally lose its whiteness and tenderness. The seemingly simple cleaning steps are very important to our skin. Only by carefully and strictly following the double cleaning method of removing makeup and washing your face, and regularly using exfoliating products and cleaning facial mask, can every cell of your face breathe smoothly, can you absorb more nutrients. In addition to careful cleaning methods and suitable skin care products, the simple and practical DIY whitening facial mask in daily life is also an indispensable secret weapon for whitening experts!

1. Vitamin C whitening facial mask

Raw materials: a compressed facial mask, a small bowl of mineral water, and an appropriate amount of vitamin C.

Step: as long as you crush vitamin C, pour in mineral water to dissolve it, and then soak the prepared compressed facial mask in water.

Effect: when I first made this facial mask, I didn’t know if it was a psychological effect. I felt that the skin around the eyes that I didn’t apply it to was dimmer than the skin around them. Do a simple and practical vitamin C facial mask once a week, and soon your skin will be navigable and white.

Tip: this DIY facial mask must be thoroughly cleaned, because vitamin C may not be completely melted in water. If it remains on the face and is not cleaned, it is easy to cause the opposite effect.

2. Magic aspirin facial mask

Raw materials: 5-6 aspirin tablets, water

Step: twist 5-6 aspirin tablets into fine powder with an instrument, then add a spoonful of water to mix, wipe the aspirin solution with cotton tablets on your face, wait for 20-30 minutes, and then rinse it off.

Effect: after washing the face, it is extremely smooth and delicate, the skin color becomes white and even, and the acne marks fade a lot. After making this facial mask, the skin is even and shiny the next day, and the effect is remarkable.

Tip: aspirin tablets should be ground very finely, the finer the better, or you will feel pain when rubbing them on your face; In order to prevent allergies, try to see if you are fit behind your ears before using; After making aspirin facial mask, pay attention to moisturizing and use moisturizing skin care products to achieve better skin beautifying effect.

3. White sugar facial cleansing method

Raw materials: a little sugar, water

Step: after washing your face with facial cleanser, use a little white sugar. Medically speaking, sugar is good for wound healing. Put the sugar on the palm of your hand, add a little water to open it, so as to prevent skin allergy caused by too much irritation. Then put the mixture of sugar and water on your face, rub and wash it for about one minute, and then wash it with clean water.

Effect: wash your face with sugar and a little water three times a day, you can feel it smooth, white and tender in a week, and it is very effective for acne marks. If you are interested, you can try it. The most important thing is persistence, and it is the cheapest cosmetics!

Feel the tenderness and smoothness. If you persist for a while, your acne marks will disappear. You may as well try.

Tip: a little white granulated sugar can be used. It must be diluted with water before being used for facial skin.

2、 It is very important to whiten and exfoliate the body

The accumulation of old and waste horniness and the lack of regular removal are the main factors of dullness of the body’s skin. We may as well try to use a scrub cream containing fruit acid, salicylic acid and other ingredients to exfoliate the body all over the body, especially to carefully massage the back, elbows and knees that are rarely taken care of at ordinary times, and are prone to dullness and accumulation of waste and old horniness. You can also mix bath milk and scrub cream, and take a exfoliating bath carefully from the neck to the heel, Let the old horniness leave your body, and the white and smooth skin will naturally return. You can take an exfoliating bath every two weeks. If you feel that your body’s skin is in good condition, you should not exfoliate frequently. It is best to do it once a month. Remember to apply some body lubricating milk properly at the end. The wasted horniness of the body will completely peel off, and the skin will feel smoother and more tender. If it is combined with the whitening bath liquid, the body will be given a whitening massage after bathing, fade melanin, and strengthen the whitening effect, the effect will be better.

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