White ruler pole head further whitening facial mask? White ruler rod head further Whitening Facial Mask

How do you want to whiten? What do you want to whiten? What whitening is effective? These are three questions that must be considered every day. Why don’t you take action, make your own whitening facial mask, and make your ideas, so you can go further on the road of whitening. How to make your own whitening facial mask? Follow me, I’ll take you to make a facial mask, as white as you want. Cucumber and egg white facial mask material: cucumber and egg white steps: 1. Wash the cucumber and put it in the refrigerator for cold storage. When the cold storage effect is good, take it out and make it paste. 2. Put egg white into the cucumber paste and continue to stir until it is even. 3. Apply the paste facial mask evenly on your face, wait until the moisture of the facial mask is completely dry, and then wash it with clean water. Effect: cucumber can directly supplement a large amount of water lost after the skin is exposed to the sun, and because it contains rich nutrients, it can improve the ability of skin regeneration. Egg white contains a lot of protein, which can also repair the skin and help our skin to be healthier. Therefore, the whitening effect of this facial mask can be seen to be good. Materials of Green Tea Facial Mask: green tea (green tea powder), honey, milk, olive oil (optional), flour steps: 1. Brew fresh green tea and let it cool. 2. Add honey, milk, olive oil and flour to the cooled green tea (green tea powder), and gently stir until it is paste.

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