How to choose home slippers for the elderly

The length and height of slippers should be just enough to fill the feet, so that both feet can be fully relaxed and followed to prevent the elderly from falling.

Try not to wear slippers with a thin upper. Choose slippers with a whole upper. Thin band slippers and flip flops can’t provide enough support for the feet, and if they are used for too long, the muscles in front of the calf will be sore.

The bottom should not be too thin. The muscles of many parts of the elderly will atrophy, and the soles of the feet are no exception. If the sole is too thin, it will hurt your feet. The sole is peaceful. When you walk, the sole of your foot must be firmly pressed against the sole. This will increase the pressure on the foot, resulting in fatigue due to nervous tension in the foot. Therefore, it is best to choose slippers with a heel of 2-3cm, or simply wear cloth shoes with a little heel to reduce arch pressure and play a protective role.

Because the elderly frequently go into and out of toilets and kitchens, they should choose the ones with deep patterns on the ox tendon soles and shoe soles to prevent slipping.

The elderly should choose slippers with better warmth retention. It is recommended that the elderly choose soft, fluffy slippers with slightly thicker soles to isolate the cold.

It should be noted that the elderly who are obese or have high blood pressure had better have a pair of suitable cloth shoes to wear at home.

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