Feel free to buy paper cup five steps

why can’t the cup mouth 15mm inside print patterns

“No printing at the mouth of the cup is the protection of consumers.” Dong Jinshi, executive vice president and Secretary General of the International Food Packaging Association, said that at present, there is no concept of food grade ink in China, and there is no printing ink that can be used to contact food. When drinking water, the lips touch the mouth of the cup, and the ink in the printed pattern may be ingested, especially the benzene containing ink, which is more harmful to health. At the same time, when the cup is set, the bottom of the cup has a printed pattern, which is easy to rub the color on the inner wall of another cup, so the bottom is also required not to be printed.

Ink often contains benzene, which is easy to diffuse when exposed to air because of its volatility. People and animals inhale or skin contact with a large amount of benzene into the body, which will cause acute and chronic benzene poisoning. It is mainly manifested as invading the human nervous system, and acute poisoning will produce nervous spasm and even coma and death. According to the survey, a large part of leukemia patients have a history of exposure to benzene and its organic products.

don’t use recycled paper to prevent poisoning.

Because of the different sources of recycled paper, especially printing paper, it often contains a large amount of fluorescent brighteners. Although fluorescent whitening agents are widely used in various chemical products, and there have been no reports of harm to human beings so far, as a water-soluble organic raw material, fluorescent whitening agents are not suitable for mixing into beverages or drinking in water, and the harm to human beings after a large amount of accumulation is unknown.

Therefore, in terms of raw materials, in order to avoid the generation of toxic solvents, the national standard stipulates that paper cups should not have peculiar smell, and recycled materials should not be used. The additives used in raw materials should meet the requirements. Additives that are not within the scope of gb9685, such as fluorescent whitening agents, industrial paraffin wax and industrial talc powder, cannot be used to produce and process paper cups.

Dong Jinshi said that this means that “even the leftover materials contaminated in the workshop should not be used in the production and processing of paper cup base paper. All raw materials and additives should meet the requirements of food packaging grade, and fluorescent brighteners should not be added artificially.” And encourage the use of water-based ink, UV curing ink, vegetable oil ink and other energy-saving and environment-friendly inks to produce paper cups.

how to buy a paper cup with a heart ? Buy paper cup “five steps”

How can I choose a paper cup with good quality? You should follow the following five steps.

1. Look at the tightness. Generally, paper cups should be sealed in plastic packaging bags, and the packaging bags should not be damaged. Paper cups with loose packaging are easy to be polluted by the environment, and hygiene cannot be guaranteed.

2. Look at the outer package. It is necessary to carefully check whether the package label indicates “product name, manufacturer’s name, address, product implementation standard, production date, shelf life, hygiene license” and other contents that must be marked according to national regulations. If the label content is incomplete or not standardized, it is better not to buy such paper cups.

3. Look at the cup. The paper cup with good quality shall have uniform color and clear outline, uniform wax layer thickness of waxing cup, uniform coating of coated cup and no missing coating. The cup mouth shall be free of obvious depression and wrinkle.

4. Look at the mouth of the cup. Note that the cup mouth should be flat and smooth, free of waste edges and burrs. The cup body should be clean and transparent, uniform in thickness, free of impurities, bubbles, water marks, fish eyes and rigid blocks.

5. A squeeze. To choose a paper cup with better cup body stiffness, try to choose a paper cup with thick and rigid cup wall. When choosing a paper cup, you can squeeze it gently on both sides of the cup by hand to roughly know the stiffness of the cup body.

At the same time, when buying paper cups, you should not be greedy for cheapness and buy cheap paper cups. The source of raw materials for cheap paper cups is not guaranteed, and the processing process is extremely worrying. When eating out, try to choose in-house food. If you need to pack, you can bring your own fresh-keeping box and safety cup in advance to reduce the chance of “getting caught”.

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