The self-made fruit whitening facial mask allows the skin to eat fruit freely? Make your own fruit whitening facial mask to make your skin eat fruit

Summer and autumn are the peak season for fruits. A variety of fashionable fruits are on the market, which makes people salivate. In fact, these delicious fruits can not only be eaten, but also DIY into a facial mask to create a beautiful face. What is important is that the fruit facial mask not only has no side effects, but also can make your skin as smooth and delicate as fruit. MM who doesn’t like fruit can learn how to make fruit facial mask from Xiaobian.

Using fruit with honey can create different effects. It can protect against sunburn, moisturize and moisturize, and most importantly, whiten. I believe no mm will think that he is too white. Self made facial mask will not be too troublesome, so that you can simply apply a healthy white, tender and good complexion.

Watermelon facial mask

Materials: a piece of watermelon skin and appropriate amount of honey.

Method: mix watermelon peel juice and honey to make a facial mask.

Usage: apply directly on the face and wash for about 25 minutes.

Efficacy: after sunburn, you will often feel your skin beating. At this time, your skin needs to be calm before further treatment. Watermelon skin facial mask can hydrate and cool the face and calm the skin.

Apricot peach facial mask

Material: apricot or peach

Method: wash the raw materials, then peel and core them, and pound them into mud.

Usage: apply it to the face, keep it for 30 minutes, and then wash it off. It can be used frequently.

Efficacy: this facial mask can detoxify, cool and moisturize, make skin ruddy and eliminate wrinkles. It is suitable for allergic skin and sun burned skin.

Strawberry facial mask

Material: proper amount of strawberries

Method: wash the prepared strawberries, mash them or cut them in half.

Usage: apply to exposed parts such as face and neck. Or directly apply cut strawberries on your face repeatedly for 25 minutes and wash them off.

Efficacy: this facial mask can nourish the skin and reduce skin pigmentation.

Protein lemon facial mask

Ingredients: a spoonful of lemon juice, a fresh egg and a spoonful of flour.

How to do it: take the egg to separate the protein, add the lemon juice, fully stir, add the flour, and form a paste.

Usage: evenly apply to face, wash off after drying, 2-3 times a week.

Efficacy: this facial mask can make the skin soft, refreshing and whitening, and can decolorize and disperse the facial color spots.

Apple puree deep nourishing facial mask

Materials: 1 apple, 1 pear and 1 banana.

Method: wash apples and pears and peel them; Peel the banana. Put the apples, pears and bananas into the juicer and mix well to form a mud.

Usage: After cleansing, dip a cotton swab into this facial mask and evenly smear it on the face. After about 25 minutes, wash thoroughly with clean water.

Efficacy: nourish skin, lock skin moisture, effectively remove melanin, moisturize and whiten skin

Lemon facial mask

Ingredients: proper amount of lemon juice, 50ml of water and 3 spoons of flour.

How to do it: dilute the lemon juice with water, add flour, and stir it into a paste.

Usage: apply proper amount to face, wash off after 30 minutes, twice a week.

Efficacy: this facial mask has the effect of whitening skin.

Papaya exfoliating facial mask

Materials: a small piece of papaya and some oatmeal.

How to do it: wash papaya, peel it, remove its seeds, and pound it into a mud. Add oat flour to papaya puree, stir well, and make a paste.

Usage: After cleansing, evenly apply this facial mask on your face, avoiding the eyes and lips. After about 30 minutes, wash thoroughly with warm water. Use 1-2 times a week.

Efficacy: it has a good cleaning effect, can remove the dead skin on the skin, and make the skin white and tender.

Juice facial mask

Materials: suitable amount of fresh and juicy fruits (apricot, peach and grape) and flour.

How to do it: press the fruit, take the juice and remove the residue, add appropriate flour, and mix evenly to form a paste.

Usage: evenly smear on the surface, dry it naturally and wash it off with clean water. Can be commonly used.

Efficacy: moisturize, nourish and whiten skin

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