Summer skin acarid and whitening duet summer skin acarid and whitening duet

Summer is a high incidence period of allergic diseases, and mites are the chief culprits of allergic diseases. Mite is a kind of micro pest which is difficult to be seen by naked eyes. When the sun warms up in spring, these tiny mites start making waves. Their bodies, secretions and excrement are allergens. After entering the human respiratory tract or contacting the skin, they will have erythema, enlarged pores, thick black skin, sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, cough, asthma and other symptoms. Do you have mites? In fact, mites are not more dangerous than other germs we breathe from the air. When should we pay attention to them? The skin gradually coarsens and peels off. There will be itching on the face at night. In the morning, use soft paper to gently wipe both sides of the nasal wing or forehead. There is oil exudation. The pores gradually become thicker and larger, and the pores around the nose have black heads and continue to increase. Acne and pimples occur repeatedly. Acne on the nose recurred, the capillary dilated, and the skin began to proliferate and thicken, showing “orange skin” redness and swelling. Small red bumps appeared on the chest and back. ⒉ there are also broken hair

In fact, there is nothing terrible about removing mites. As long as you pay attention to the following points, you can stay away from mites: pay attention to the cleanness of the living environment and eliminate the source of mite infection. Pay attention to personal hygiene and often use professional mite removal products that will not harm the skin. Use skin care products that are suitable for your skin, do not artificially burden your skin, and try to choose high-quality products with natural and pure ingredients. Pay attention to a light diet, but eat too exciting food and condiments. When the skin has a slight inflammatory reaction due to more facial oil secretion and increased mite metabolites, you can consider using cleaning and maintenance products with the function of eliminating mites, but not all skin care products with the function of eliminating mites can “take care of the world”. In addition to brands, you should pay more attention to ingredients when choosing. Natural ingredients extracted from pure plants will not cause skin allergy or discomfort, can gently and persistently, and bring long-term protection. Remember to start with the face when doing the cleaning steps, and never squeeze the acne or

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