How to choose washing powder for better health

the effect of washing powder is almost the same.

In the advertisement, in the previous scene, the child stained his clothes; In the latter shot, the clothes are soaked in detergent water, and they will be very clean after being tossed. Can it really achieve such an effect? The staff members bought washing powder at 9 yuan, 11.2 yuan and 16.09 yuan per kilogram, took 1 teaspoon of each and poured it into three water basins, then dripped ink on three white towels, and soaked the towels in washing powder water for 15 times. The results show that the washing effect of these three prices of washing powder is really similar, so there is really no washing powder that can be taken out with a splash like that in the advertisement, and it is very clean.

is the more expensive the detergent, the worse the detergency

The main raw material in washing powder is called surfactant, which is the key material for decontamination. Theoretically, the more expensive the detergent, the higher the surfactant content, but in reality, it is not exactly the case. The three prices of washing powder were taken to Beijing washing product quality monitoring station for testing. After weighing, suction filtration, water bath drying, high-temperature baking (105 ℃), room temperature cooling, and finally through toner titration, the test results showed that the surfactant content of 9 yuan washing powder was 20.5, the surfactant content of 11.2 yuan washing powder was 17.1, and the surfactant content of 16.09 yuan washing powder was 14.3. On the contrary, the test results show that the more expensive the detergent, the lower the surfactant content. How is this?

The expert said: “your washing powder may adopt the method of compounding, containing a variety of surfactants, but only one can be detected. Your washing powder contains not only surfactants, but also many auxiliaries and additives. With more ingredients in the washing powder, the price will naturally be higher.” But it can not be understood that expensive washing powder has poor washing effect.

the reasonable price of detergent is about 10 yuan per kilogram.

According to the experts, the country has a standard for the formula of washing powder, and everyone makes reference to this standard, so the price will not be too different. It is normal for the price of the same weight of washing powder to fluctuate by 20%, and the washing effect is almost the same. Now the price of a kilogram of washing powder should be about 10 yuan. Therefore, washing powder of 12 yuan or 8 yuan per kilogram will do.

does cheap detergent hurt your hands

Take the washing powder of three prices to the laboratory to test the pH value. The pH value test is to see the content of alkaline substances in the washing powder. Whether it hurts your hands or not depends on the alkalinity of the washing powder. The pH value of 9 yuan detergent is 10.6, that of 11.2 yuan detergent is 10.7, and that of 16.09 yuan detergent is 10.8. So it’s not that cheap detergent hurts your hands. It can be said that allergy to washing powder is a problem of individual differences, and has nothing to do with washing powder itself. Washing powder contains alkali, and it should be said that it is a normal phenomenon that your hands are dry and astringent after washing clothes. It is recommended to wear rubber gloves when washing clothes.

the washing effect of multi bubble and low bubble detergent is the same.

Experts also pointed out that the fragrance of washing powder has no effect on the human body. The discomfort caused by the fragrance of washing powder is a matter of individual physical differences and has nothing to do with the washing powder itself. In addition, the little red and green dots in the washing powder are just an additive, which has no substantive effect. The washing effect of the washing powder with more bubbles and low bubbles is the same.

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