How to make pearl powder whitening facial mask? Check the four methods of making pearl powder whitening facial mask

In ancient times, pearl powder was a very famous beauty artifact, which had the effect of whitening and skin care, and was very popular with princes and nobles.

In modern times, pearl powder is sought after by beauty lovers, helping them get a white face.

Some people want to use pearl powder to make whitening facial mask, so how to operate it? Experts shared some production methods of pearl powder whitening facial mask. Come and learn quickly! 1. Exfoliating facial mask: first prepare an appropriate amount of pearl powder and put it in a small bowl, then add an appropriate amount of water to mix it into a paste, apply the self-made facial mask on your face and start to massage in circles until the pearl powder is dry, and then wash your face with water.

This method can only be used 1-2 times a week, which can help remove cutin and blackhead very well.

2. Pearl Powder Lemon facial mask: first squeeze lemon into fresh juice, then mix it with pearl powder and apply it directly on the face. The product with two whitening ingredients can achieve better skin beautifying effect, and the production process is also very simple.

3. Pearl powder milk facial mask: first put an appropriate amount of pearl powder in the facial mask bowl, then pour in an appropriate amount of fresh milk and a few drops of honey, stir it evenly, smear it on the whole face, and wait for 20 minutes to wash it, so as to achieve a good fast whitening effect.

4. Pearl powder aloe juice facial mask: squeeze fresh aloe into juice, then pour it into pearl powder, stir it into a paste, directly smear it on your face, wait for 20 minutes, and then wash your face to achieve a good whitening and moisturizing effect, and prevent the growth of acne.

The production methods of the above four pearl powder whitening facial mask are relatively simple. I believe that you can learn them quickly and have a white face quickly.

You must do a good job in whitening at ordinary times, choose whitening products that are suitable for you, and do a good job in sunscreen when you go out.

Don’t stay up late at night, ensure adequate sleep, and don’t let yourself be too tired!

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