5 whitening common sense for changing seasons: 5 whitening knowledge for changing seasons

Whitening is a topic we often discuss. In the content of skin beauty, we always think of reading it. We pay so much attention to whitening, but most people still have no idea about whitening. Next, let’s learn some common sense of whitening.

Tips: the skin must do a good job of sunscreen in order to better add points to whitening!

1. Know whitening and skin care products

First of all, you should have a certain understanding of the whitening ingredients. Don’t blindly see the products marked with whitening effects. For example, maintenance products containing fruit acid, a acid or enzymes can promote the metabolism of the epidermis and help whiten the skin, but we should pay attention to the concentration of such ingredients when choosing products (usually below 10%, if above 10%, it is usually used for skin replacement, which is limited to medical professional institutions). The products of plants, Chinese herbs and herbs are mainly natural ingredients such as soybean extract, Saxifraga, chamomile, etc., with the purpose of inhibiting the production of melanin.

Moisturizing and hydrating are the basis of skin maintenance. When the whitening ingredients reach the dermis to work, the epidermis will be renewed and shed through metabolism. If the skin is not moisturized enough at this time, the whitening nutrition in skin care products will not be well absorbed and utilized. Therefore, only the whitening products that integrate moisturizing can give better play to their whitening effects.

2. Good whitening helper vitamin C

Choose vitamin C oral capsules or effervescent tablets, which can inhibit tyrosinase activity, block melanin production, improve skin tone from the inside out, and enhance skin transparency after absorption through the intestines and stomach.

3. Say hello to you every morning

Soak almond powder in milk or soy milk and drink it for whitening breakfast. (almonds are rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, linoleic acid and other ingredients, which can help skin whiten, moisturize, luster and elasticity)

4. Whitening fruit you want to hold in your hand

Cucumber, strawberry, tomato, orange and so on contain a large amount of VC, which can effectively help reduce melanin, whiten and enhance immunity.

5. Don’t ignore “whitening water”

The most indispensable water every day can not only discharge metabolic wastes from the body, but also remove melanin from the bottom layer of the skin due to ultraviolet radiation, so as to keep the skin white and rich at any time.

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