How can I wash my face to beautify and whiten? How can I wash my face to beautify and whiten

When summer comes, I am particularly worried. The sun is too big, and my skin should be tanned again. My face is also dark. I always buy various skin care products to whiten. I always feel that the more expensive is the better. In fact, we all ignore some simple and effective small methods in life, which are not only simple but also effective. How can I wash my face and whiten it? Take a look at the introduction.

1。 White vinegar is a common seasoning in our life. In fact, it also has the effect of whitening and sterilization. When washing your face, you can drop a few drops of white vinegar into clear water, wash your face with facial cleanser, and then wash your face with white vinegar. Long term persistence can whiten your skin.

2。 Edible salt is not only cheap, but also available in every household. Washing your face with salt can also have the effect of whitening. Mix a small amount of salt into the facial cleanser, rub it evenly, and then wash your face, not only whitening, but also removing blackheads.

3。 We all know that milk can whiten. The most direct and effective way to whiten is to wash your face with milk. Pure milk has the best effect. After washing with milk, rinse with water. If you persist for a period of time, your skin will gradually turn white. You can persist every day. The whitening effect of washing your face with milk can be best reflected by washing your face after tanning. The skin on your face turns black after being exposed to the sun. Washing your face with milk will soon restore your white face. Milk is rich in milk fat, vitamins and minerals. It is a good skin care product. If you use it sooner or later, your skin will become more white and delicate.

4. Girls who like whitening believe that they have all heard that washing their faces with Taomi water can whiten their faces, and the whitening effect is good. But this kind of washing and whitening with Taomi water requires skills to achieve whitening effect. People who want to whiten their faces with Taomi water should not rush to wipe away the water beads on their faces after washing their faces, but should let the water slowly dry itself. Washing your face with rice washing water can supply nutrition to your skin, prevent nevus and effectively improve your skin condition.

5 face whitening flour and milk washing can also whiten your face. This is better than pure milk washing. Flour and milk washing can not only whiten your face but also control the oil on your face. If your face is always oily and you want to whiten, you may as well try flour and milk washing for beauty! I believe you will reap unexpected results. Such a face washing method is very different from washing with pure milk. It has the function of facial mask and can eliminate sebum.

The above is a face washing method that can beautify and whiten. I hope it can help you. However, no matter how good the method is, you must adhere to it to have good results. I remind you not to go out when the sun is full, and you should do a good job of sunscreen.

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