What are the benefits of sugar washing? What are the benefits of sugar washing

We often use white sugar when cooking in our lives, which can help us improve the sweetness of food. But do you know that white sugar can remove acne marks when washing your face? Do you know the benefits of white sugar? What are the benefits of white sugar washing your face? Let’s learn about it together.

When it comes to washing your face with white sugar, there are still many advantages. For example, white sugar can play the role of removing acne marks, removing blackheads and whitening, which can be achieved with white sugar;

In particular, the effect of using white sugar to remove acne marks is very good. White sugar self-made whitening facial mask, white sugar moisturizing and beautifying, white sugar whitening and acne removing, white sugar exfoliating and dead skin removing are all very good. Therefore, there are many advantages in using white sugar to wash your face. White sugar is a kitchen beauty agent. What are the benefits of sugar face washing and how to operate it?

What are the benefits of washing your face with sugar

For many women who love beauty, it is very important to have a beautiful face. In addition to using expensive cosmetics to maintain skin, some items in life have good maintenance effects, such as vinegar, sugar, honey and so on. There are many advantages to washing your face with sugar, which can not only whiten your skin, but also remove acne marks and so on.

1. White and tender skin

White sugar is rich in vitamins, which have a very effective whitening effect and are absolutely safe without side effects.

2. Anti aging

Scientists have found a polysaccharide called “molasses” in white sugar, which has a strong antioxidant function. Washing your face with sugar can effectively delay skin aging.

3. Remove acne and acne marks

Nutrition experts tell us that the main substance in white sugar is sugar. Many nutrients in sugar have a very good nourishing effect on the skin, and at the same time, the wound healing effect is very obvious. Washing your face with white sugar for a long time can effectively remove acne marks.

4. Exfoliate and acne

Add white granulated sugar to the water three times a day to wash your face. After a week, you can find that your skin becomes smooth and effectively exfoliate and acne.

How to wash your face with sugar

Although there are many advantages to white sugar washing, it is better not to wash your face directly with white sugar, otherwise it will wear your face.

1. Direct use to remove acne marks


After cleaning the face with facial cleanser every night, take out an appropriate amount of white granulated sugar and put it in the palm of your hand, then add an appropriate amount of water to grind the white granulated sugar into a little fine sand; Then put it into the face like facial cleanser and rub it carefully; Wash it with clean water in five minutes.


If you persist in using it for a long time, you can effectively remove acne marks and acne marks.

2. Sugar milk facial mask

Material Science

White sugar, fresh milk


Put the sugar into the pot, add a proper amount of water and stir evenly; Bring to a boil over a high fire until all the sugar has melted; Then add fresh milk, and turn off the fire after 2 minutes; After the milk is poured, smear it on your face and wash it in half an hour.


Sugar and milk have good effects on whitening skin. After mixing the two, the effect is doubled, which is much better than the general facial mask. Interested friends can make it at home!

This method is best used once a week, because the granules of white sugar are relatively large, and frequent use will easily cause harm. Of course, you can also choose fine granulated sugar to replace it, so that the effect is better.

Precautions for washing face with sugar

After knowing the benefits and use methods of washing your face with white sugar, let’s talk about the precautions for washing your face with white sugar?

1. People with sensitive skin should use it with caution. It is better not to use sugar to wash their faces when they have common allergic skin and acne, so as to avoid friction with the skin and more serious consequences due to excessive stimulation.

2. It’s best to wash your face with fine white granulated sugar. Large and coarse white sugar can easily damage your skin.

3. Use white granulated sugar to wash your face every day. This method is not correct. The skin of the face is very delicate. If you wash your face with white granulated sugar for a long time, it will easily cause damage to the skin, making the skin thinner and more sensitive.

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