What is the effect of Chinese herbal facial mask made by yourself? It can quickly dispel acne, and the effect is excellent

Stubborn acne makes people very depressed on the face. How to quickly remove these pimples and restore healthy and good skin? Here’s how to quickly remove acne. I recommend several self-made Chinese Herbal Facial Mask with very good effects, so that you can easily get rid of annoying acne!

1. Violet facial mask

Materials: 30g violet flower and 1000ml water.

How to do it: first put the fresh violet petals into 1000 ml of water and boil for 10 minutes; Filter out about 800 ml of liquid and drink it as tea; Fry the rest into about 80ml. After cooling, take a sterilized cotton ball and dip it in the concentrated solution and lightly smear it on the acne on your face, four times a day. Remember to wipe it once before going to bed.

Efficacy: it is most effective for stubborn acne. It is very good to drink internally and apply externally to treat acne.

2. Houttuynia facial mask

Materials: 30g of Houttuynia cordata and 600ml of water.

How to do it: after washing the fresh Houttuynia cordata, put it into a casserole, add 600 ml of water, boil it, and then boil it over low heat for 20 minutes. Take the filter solution as tea. At the same time, use 200g of fresh Houttuynia stems and leaves, squeeze the juice and smear it on your face, and wash it off with water 30 minutes later. 1-2 times a day.

Efficacy: Houttuynia cordata has the efficacy of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and acne treatment. In addition to drinking Houttuynia tea often at ordinary times, you can also extract Houttuynia juice, smear acne with the juice, or steam a few fresh leaves to soften them, and apply them to the affected part while hot before going to bed at night.

3. Aloe Facial Mask

Materials: fresh aloe 100g, honey 10g.

Method: Take 1 fresh aloe leaf (about 100g), wash it and cut it into small pieces. Put Aloe Vera tablets into the pot, add 500 ml of water to boil, and then boil over low heat for 15 minutes. Filter out the aloe vera residue, take the filter solution, and add honey. While drinking, smear the acne with fresh aloe slices, once a day.

Efficacy: Aloe has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and laxative effects, can detoxify and nourish the face, and has a good effect on acne. It should be noted that people allergic to aloe should not use it.

4. Peach fragrance facial mask

Materials: 100g peach blossom, 100g wax gourd seeds, 10 white cloves and 100g honey.

Method: collect peach blossoms and wax gourd seeds (100g for fresh products and 30g for dry products) and mash them together into mud; Grind the white clove into powder, and mix it with white honey into the peach blossom melon seed mud. In the morning and evening, it is used to smear the position with acne, and wash it off with water 20-30 minutes later.

Efficacy: this self-made facial mask has the effect of removing acne and scars.

5. Sheep and cattle gall facial mask

Materials: one ram’s gall, one cow’s gall and 200 ml of Baijiu.

Method: take sheep gall and cattle gall, mix them with high-grade Baijiu, and bottle them for standby. Rub the affected area with this juice and wine, wash it off after 30 minutes, twice a day.

Efficacy: bovine bile and sheep bile have heat clearing, detoxifying, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. They are very suitable for the treatment of acne or purulent acne.

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