How many ways to whiten and lighten spots and rebuild and compact skin? I’ll teach you a few tricks to whiten and lighten spots, rebuild and compact skin

Girls want fair skin. In addition to daily skin care methods, using some essential oils can also help remove acne marks and whiten! The following Xiaobian will recommend several whitening and acne removing methods for you. It’s not a problem to have seductive skin easily!

It is not difficult for girls to whiten, because there are many ways to help whiten in daily life, such as drinking more lemonade. In addition, lemon essential oil is also a method to help whiten and remove acne marks. Today’s skincare experts will teach you the methods of removing acne marks and whitening with essential oil. You must learn them!

Whiten and firm skin

Lemon essential oil itself is rich in vitamin C in lemon, which also has a strong effect on whitening, astringency and oil balance. Especially for the treatment of acne, MM who belong to oily skin also suggest trying to have a look. At the same time, it can remove old and dead cells, tighten blood vessels, help skin regenerate and fade melanin, and make skin clear.

Fade color spots and scars

The essential oil itself has the effect of helping fade color spots and scars, promoting skin regeneration, balancing and secreting oil, and is also effective for girls with acne and acne. If sunburn occurs in summer, it can help the wound heal and fade the acne marks. If you are nervous at work, you can drop a few drops of essential oil to help relieve nerves, so as to promote sleep, regulate endocrine and menstrual problems of women.

Citrus essential oil facial mask

Materials: 1 drop of citrus essential oil, 1 drop of lemon essential oil, 2 spoons of Coix seed powder, 1 / 2 spoons of glycerin, a little mineral water


1. Put the Coix seed powder, glycerin and water into a bowl, and then mix them into a paste

2. After that, add essential oil of citrus and lemon and mix well

3. After washing the facial skin, apply it evenly on the face, avoiding the eyes and lips

Efficacy: this essential oil facial mask has a strong effect on whitening skin and brightening skin tone, and is also good at purifying skin dirt.

Orange blossom essential oil facial mask

Materials: 2 drops of orange blossom essential oil, 1 drop of rose essential oil, 1 / 2 spoonful of glycerin, 2 spoonfuls of Oats


1. Pour glycerin and oats together, add mineral water and stir,

2. Add orange blossom and rose essential oil to the mixture and stir thoroughly

3. After that, apply the prepared facial mask on your face and wash it with warm water after about 15 minutes

Effect: this facial mask can not only remove acne marks, but also help beautify skin, brighten skin tone, deeply moisturize skin and delay aging.

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