10 Whitening Tips? 10 tips for whitening

Whitening method 1: cucumber dressing

Before going to bed, put cucumber slices on your face and take them off in a few minutes. After a month, your face will be white and tender.

Whitening method 2: sunscreen isolation should be done well

According to medical reports, the ultraviolet rays in the sun, in addition to the commonly known UVA and UVB, also include the so-called UVC. Usually, UVC and UVB are easy to cause sunburn on sunny days, but don’t think that sun protection is unnecessary on cloudy days, because there are still UVA long wavelength rays that can cause damage to the skin, so we must pay attention to protection, so as to prevent the premature occurrence of skin aging! Remind ol that computers and office lights will hurt our delicate skin! So remember to wear some isolation cream at work. You can choose products with a lower sun protection index, but you must not be lazy!

Whitening method 3: apply self-made facial mask to your face

A. Smear the protein directly on your face and rinse it after it is dry.

B. Soak commercially available dry facial paper in milk, drain and apply it to your face.

C. Mix mung bean powder with protein and evenly apply it on your face.

Secretly teach everyone a little trick: first wash your face with warm water and then cold water will make your skin clean and your pores will become smaller..

Whitening method 4: lazy facial mask

If you are a “little lazy person” like me, love beauty and are lazy to “toss”, you can use a simple and ready-made facial mask. Use whitening facial mask about 3 times a week. No matter how lazy you are, you should do it. This is already a very lazy way!

Apply the facial mask to the face (or the neck) after washing. Olay whitening and spot lightening facial mask is a good choice, or the whitening effect is relatively good at present. Beijiasi vitality brightening beauty mud facial mask (powder mud), the favorite of beauty talent Wu Peici, can help skin resist aging while whitening and hydrating. Here’s a friendly reminder. I bought it three times in the 36 regiment before. The price is cheap and authentic! MM who likes cheap things and yearns for authentic products can go and have a look. Some mm with sensitive skin will have a slight tingling feeling with this facial mask, which is normal. This is the legendary “pain and beauty”.

Whitening method 5: tea bag application

First, apply cold tea bags to your eyes for five minutes, and then do a yoga like action. This action is to cross your legs first, then raise your hands high and then lie down forward. Keep this position for about ten minutes. This action was not easy at first, but after a period of practice, the effect was really good.

Whitening method 6: small whitening prescription that can be eaten or applied

Small folk prescription A: Black granulated sugar + honey + a little water; Although it’s a little troublesome, it can make your skin tender!

Small folk prescription B: pour yogurt powder into fresh milk (need to be sealed) for 24 hours. It takes a little longer in winter, and then put it into the refrigerator to refrigerate. It can be used to drink more. In fact, this little folk prescription was originally used to lose weight! But it’s better to apply it on your face, and the whitening effect is good. But endure the sour taste of yogurt!!

Small folk prescription C: mix flour, honey and milk in a 2:1:1 formula, apply it to your face twice a week for 15-20 minutes each time, wash it with warm water, and then wet the makeup cotton with the makeup water and pat your face gently. This secret recipe needs to be accompanied by a unique trick – clean your face before taking a bath every day, and then smear honey on your face, so that the steam during bathing can steam precious honey into your pores.

Small folk prescription D: add 1 tablespoon of yeast powder (available in supermarkets) and 1 / 2 cup of unified yogurt. After mixing, apply it on the facial mask paper. Apply it for 5-10 minutes. Applying it 2-3 times a week will make the whitening effect better. It has the same effect as SK-II facial mask and saves money!

Whitening method 7: it is very simple to have baby like white and tender skin

A. Diet: refuse any spicy and fried food. Eat more vegetables and fruits, don’t drink or smoke, drink less water at night and more water during the day.

B. Sleep: never stay up late. Be sure to go to bed before 11:00 every day, and apply water bright facial mask before going to bed. Drink 2 cups of water every day after getting up, one of which is added with some salt, which can clear the intestines and stomach.

C. Exercise: one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening every day.

D. Skin care: keep the skin clean and inject various nutrients into the skin in time.

Whitening method 8 diet tips, delicious but not fattening options are as follows

A. Wash job’s tears, add water and boil for 1-2 hours without sugar. Let it cool and drink it as boiled water to reduce swelling and whiten. (a spoonful of barley seed powder is added to about 1000cc of water. When drinking water, it is not only good for skin, but also has magical effects on weight loss!) This is because Yiren has a diuretic effect, which can reduce edema, so it has the effect of slimming and reducing face, and is also very helpful for whitening skin.

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