Be careful with the six False whitening Secrets

False secret recipe 1: insist on using a set of whitening cosmetics all over the world at any time

Whitening is a long-term lesson. You should adhere to a set of skin care products that are suitable for you. Only after you use them for a long time can they have effects.

Analysis: even in China, the temperature varies by tens of degrees from south to north. Besides, in other regions or countries, modern people often travel indoors and outdoors, at home and abroad. If you often commute between cold and hot temperatures, don’t expect to travel all over the world with the same set of whitening products. The dazzling array of sunscreen products and different sun protection factors are actually correction products developed for different time and space. Don’t bring great harm to the skin because of neglect!

False secret recipe 2: ask for whitening from the beginning of facial cleanser and toner

If you want to truly whiten comprehensively, you must start with the first step of skin care.

Analysis: many brands have launched whitening facial cleansers. Conceptually, they also claim that “beauty begins with facial cleansing”, but in fact, this is more of a conceptual hype. The time that facial cleanser stays on the skin is so short, and its main role is to clean the skin. Even if whitening ingredients are added to it, it can not play its role so quickly, and of course, its role is quite limited.

False secret recipe 3: high end precise whitening products can also remove spots on the face

Now many high-end products have launched essence products with precise whitening effect. Big brands + technology will surely sweep away spots!

Analysis: it is absolutely impossible for whitening care products to remove spots on the face. Its role is to make melanin disperse more evenly, decompose pigment particles more finely and inhibit melanin production. The final result is to fade spots, reduce the probability of spot generation, and make the face look more uniform and bright. But once the maintenance is improper, the spots will come out again.

False secret recipe 4: apply pearl powder facial mask to whiten and smooth

I have heard since I was a child that applying more pearl powder can make my skin white and smooth. Even the Empress Dowager Cixi deeply believed it. It is also reported that a star has a habit of using pearl powder inside and outside since she was a child. When she grows up, she also keeps eating 1 teaspoon a week to improve her appearance. Is it really feasible?

Analysis: there is no basis for taking pearl powder to whiten in nutrition. Attention should be paid to the fact that pearl powder will become inferior due to seawater pollution and other problems, and it is a mineral. For fear of heavy metal residues, it may cause damage to the body. It is not recommended to apply facial mask indiscriminately.

False secret recipe 5: DIY fruit acid facial mask exfoliates and whitens

Fruit acid can remove the protective cuticle and make the skin look white, tender and smooth. Is it pure natural? Self made fruit acid facial mask must be fun and efficient.

Analysis: fruit acid can accelerate the peeling off of the skin epidermis and improve the roughness of the skin, but it should be properly handled and accurately controlled; It may thin the skin, make the skin more sensitive and fragile after long-term use, and lose the function of resisting ultraviolet rays. If the concentration is too strong or applied to allergic and dry skin, it will cause burns, skin inflammation, pigmentation and other side effects.

False secret recipe 6: whitening with natural vitamin C fruit

I often see simple lemon and kiwi whitening facial mask tutorials, which must be very popular and effective!

Analysis: Vitamin C, a very common whitening ingredient, has a very good antioxidant effect, which can reduce the formation of free radicals. It has whitening function after long-term use, but the effect is slow and not significant. Although lemon contains a lot of vitamin C, it also contains irritating citric acid, which can easily cause skin sensitivity and even burn the skin to cause anti blackness or inflammation

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