I’ll give you some tips for removing acne marks? I’ll teach you some ways to remove acne marks

Face is the most important thing in the eyes of many women. When we have acne on our face, we feel that acne is a headache. Once there are acne marks, we don’t know how to eliminate them. It is very important to eliminate acne marks. Next, I will teach you how to remove stubborn acne marks.

Pearl powder and yogurt to remove acne marks

Use a few drops of the leftover yogurt, then mix a small amount of pearl powder, mix it well, and then rub it on the place with acne marks. You can directly spend the night and wash it off the next day. This party can be used every day. Yogurt should be low-fat or defatted as far as possible to avoid fat granules due to excessive nutrients.

Potato chips remove acne marks

Convenient and fast, good quality and low price. Wash the potatoes and cut them into thin slices. Be careful to cut them very thin, otherwise they will be difficult to stick to your face and the absorption effect will not be good. Stick it for about 15 minutes. Remove the potato chips and rinse them off. This method is only suitable for the initial stage of acne marks, or the acne marks themselves are small.

Remove acne marks with crude salt and egg white

Stir a teaspoon of salt (preferably crude salt) with a protein, add a little honey after it is uniform, stir it evenly, and then apply it on the face, avoiding the eyes, corners of the mouth and other parts. After the facial mask is dry, wash it off with warm water, and then clean it with warm water.

Scallion white to remove acne marks

Tear a small piece from the bottom of the scallion and apply it to the bean scar, but don’t wait too long. It will irritate the skin. It can be applied after 5 minutes. Wash your face at night. I have tried these methods. Those with marks can remove them, and those without marks can also whiten and lighten spots. But no matter what method, you still have to pay persistence and patience. As long as you persist, you will find amazing results after a period of time.

Red wine honey deinking method

Add 2 to 3 teaspoons of honey to a small glass of red wine to a sticky state, apply it evenly on your face, dry it for eight minutes, and finally rinse it with warm water twice. Red wine honey facial mask: the wine acid in red wine is fruit acid, which can promote the metabolism of cutin, dilute pigment, and make skin whiter and smoother. Honey has the function of moisturizing and nourishing. People who are easily allergic to alcohol should pay attention to it.

Wash your face with sugar to remove acne marks

After you wash your face with facial cleanser, use a little white sugar. Medically speaking, sugar is good for wound healing. Put it on the palm of your hand, add a little water to rub it to prevent excessive irritation and allergy, then put it on your face, rub and wash it, and wash it with water in about one minute. Experience after use: feel the tenderness and smoothness. Hold on for a while, and your acne marks will disappear.

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