How to do these methods when freckles grow? How to do these methods when freckles grow

The ruddy and smooth face not only gives people a sense of beauty, but also makes them happy, which is beneficial to their health. However, many people are prone to freckles and acne, so how to do with freckles? Let’s take a look.

Brown sugar scrub facial mask

Materials: 1 tbsp honey, 2 drops lemon oil (pure therapeutic grade, such as essential oil), 2 tbsp brown sugar. Mix all the ingredients and wet your face with warm water. Gently wipe the facial mask on your face to give it a gentle exfoliation. Let it wait for about 10 minutes, then rinse it with warm water.

Honey freckle

Honey has the effect of moisturizing and protecting skin. If it can be drunk with lemon juice, it can not only inhibit melanin deposition, but also achieve a certain degree of light spot and freckle removing effect. How can I remove the spots on my face? Because lemon, like tomatoes, is a photosensitive food, after drinking it, you should avoid light to avoid adverse effects.

I often drink fruit and vegetable juice

There are many spots on the face because too many toxins have accumulated in the body. If it can effectively eliminate toxins in the body, it is also helpful to deal with and slow down color spots. Meizil skin care experts suggest that you choose a rest day every week, that is, a day when you don’t need to leave work, go out, and consume a lot of physical strength. If you eat fruits and vegetables and drink a small amount of fruit and vegetable juice on this day, if you can persist for a month, you can eliminate toxins from our intestines and stomach, clean up our intestines, and achieve the effect of lightening and removing spots. (picture source: Vision China)

Salt vinegar facial mask

Materials: 2G salt, 12g Angelica dahurica, 6G chrysanthemum powder and 6mg white vinegar. Method: go to the Chinese medicine store to buy Angelica dahurica, chrysanthemum and grind them into fine powder. Mix white vinegar (edible vinegar) and water in salt Angelica dahurica and chrysanthemum powder, and mix them into a paste. Apply it to your face at night and wash it after 30 minutes. Efficacy: this formula has the effect of removing various facial pigments. In the formula, salt detoxifies and cleans the skin, Angelica dahurica promotes blood circulation and removes spots, chrysanthemum antibacterial beauty and skin care, and white vinegar whitens the skin. Matching medicine and food can dispel facial pigment spots.

Huaiqi Coconut Chicken Soup

Raw materials: 20g Huai yam, 30g Chinese wolfberry, quarter coconut meat, one chicken, 3 pieces of ginger, proper amount of refined salt. Preparation: first wash Huaishan yam and Chinese wolfberry, chop coconut meat, remove the viscera of chickens and chop them, put them into a casserole, add a proper amount of water, boil them over high fire, change to slow fire for 3 hours, add a proper amount of refined salt to taste, and then eat them. Efficacy: Huai yam strengthens the spleen; Lycium barbarum can nourish liver and blood; Coconut is good for beauty; Chickens nourish the five internal organs. The combination of the four has the effect of nourishing qi and blood, nourishing complexion, moistening muscles and removing spots.

Fish head soup with golden needle and cloud fungus

Raw materials: 15g needle lily, 10g cloud fungus, 3 pieces of ginger, 5 red dates (denuded), 1 head of Bighead Carp (black silver carp), and appropriate amount of refined salt. Preparation: first, rinse the honeysuckle and cloud fungus, cut the fish head into two, wash it, and fry it in a frying pan; Put the three into a casserole, add a proper amount of water, and cook on the fire for an hour; Finally, season with refined salt and serve. Efficacy: cauliflower and cloud fungus can soothe the liver, relieve depression, calm the liver, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis; Aristichthys nobilis head tonifying kidney, combined use of both has a good effect on freckles and chloasma.

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