How to use whitening lotion skillfully? Teach you how to use whitening lotion correctly

Among all the whitening and skin care products, there is always a product that can combine moisturizing, moisturizing, spray and facial mask. It has multiple uses and quick effects. It can save you money and worry when used. It is the whitening lotion. Some beauties think that whitening lotion is used to replenish water before makeup. In fact, it has many skin beautifying functions! Changing a variety of different ways to use the whitening lotion can make the whitening lotion play a more beautiful role. Let’s take a quick look at the clever skin care usage of the following whitening lotion!

1. Self made whitening and moisturizing spray

Beauties can make their own whitening and moisturizing spray by skillfully using whitening lotion, which is convenient to carry, and can replenish moisture for the skin at any time and promote the whiteness and smoothness of the skin. Pour an appropriate amount of clear and whitening makeup water into the spray bottle, take it with you, and take it out at any time to spray it, which not only replenishes water but also brightens the skin. It is very suitable for use in dry weather with large indoor and outdoor temperature difference.

2. Whitening Facial Mask

Many beauties want to whiten their skin, so they will make a whitening facial mask, but the effect is not good. You may as well try a whitening lotion. Apply the whitening lotion to your face and use it as a whitening facial mask. The whitening effect is very good, and it can also effectively moisturize your skin. Soak a piece of facial mask paper in whitening lotion, take it out after soaking thoroughly, apply it directly on clean facial skin, and take it off after 15 minutes. Often do whitening lotion facial mask, whitening and moisturizing effect is very good!

3. Whitening lotion, ice cooling and soothing

After entering spring, many beautiful women’s skin becomes very dry and dehydrated due to the weather, and even often turns red and cracked. Don’t worry, whitening lotion is the best soothing product. You can put the whitening lotion into the refrigerator for five minutes, then take it out, wipe and massage it on the cheeks, which can effectively soothe and calm the skin and alleviate the problem of red and yellow skin. When massaging, you must be gentle and do not need to pat, otherwise it will irritate fragile skin.

4. Cotton pad wet pack Whitening Lotion

Some skin is very easy to accumulate dirt, dust and horniness. At this time, whitening lotion must be used to remove dirt, horniness and repair the skin. Soak the cotton pad in the whitening lotion. After soaking for a while, take out the cotton pad and apply it to the place where the skin horniness accumulates too much. Gently massage it to help remove the waste horniness and dirt, which is more effective than the exfoliating cream. After applying, you can apply moisture-retaining skin care products, which will make the skin absorb moisture better.

5. Whitening lotion + Essence Cream

Many beauties are worried about dark yellow spots on their skin. In fact, it is very simple and convenient to fight off dark yellow and spots on their skin. A bottle of whitening lotion can help you. It is necessary to use the whitening lotion together with essence cream. First, apply the whitening essence cream on the parts with more spots, and then wet apply the cotton pad soaked in the lotion on the face to completely cover the high concentration whitening essence cream and help the skin absorb it better. In this way, the whitening effect of the skin can be strengthened. If you persist in using it, you will fight off the spots on the face with all your strength. There are many ways to use whitening lotion, all of which can take full care of your skin!

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