How many ways to live with only seven one to shape bright and white skin? I’ll teach you a few tricks. Life only needs seven ones to shape bright and white skin

Whitening is the top priority of skin care. Everyone wants to be a beautiful snow white. But many times we are always a little far from our wishes. What methods do we have to implement whitening? Take a look at the following whitening techniques. As long as you do seven ones every day, you can easily whiten.

A cup of boiled water a cup of boiled water in the morning can clean the intestinal tract and replenish the water lost at night.

An apple apple is a beauty product, which can not only heat control weight loss, but also make the skin smooth and tender. The large amount of water and various moisturizing factors contained in it can moisturize the skin, and vitamin C can inhibit the pigmentation of black pigment in the skin. One apple a day is guaranteed to fade facial spots and chloasma. In addition, the rich fruit acid components contained in apples can make pores smooth and have the effect of removing acne.

A cup of vinegar is still a little “jealous” for women. Eating vinegar three times a day can delay the occurrence of vascular sclerosis, which has been repeated health care common sense. If the quality of tap water in your place is relatively hard, you can put a little vinegar in the washing water, which can play a role in beautifying your face.

A cup of yogurt is the most vulnerable group to calcium deficiency, and the calcium supplement effect of milk is better than any food, especially yogurt, which is more easily absorbed by the human body. Therefore, women should ensure to drink a cup of yogurt every day.

A bottle of mineral water must be genuine mineral water. It contains trace elements and minerals that the skin needs most. After cleaning the face, lie on your back, soak a clean gauze with mineral water, and then apply it to your face. After the gauze is dry, soak it again. This repeatedly is to supplement the nutrition of trace elements for your face.

A cup of green tea is rich in vitamin C, caffeine and theanine, which can resist oxidation, neutralize free ions and help remove wrinkles and spots. Especially for women who face computers all day.

A facial mask every night before going to bed, you should make a simple facial mask to drive away fatigue, bring moisture, and make the skin do a “tight exercise”. After that, you can apply skin care products to scientifically repair the skin.

Have you mastered the above whitening techniques? If you want to whiten and protect your skin, please change the color of your face.

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