Only summer needs whitening? Only summer needs whitening

As the saying goes, “one white covers a hundred ugly”, we can see how important “skin is better than snow”. Everyone wants to have white and tender skin, but it is not enough to rely on sunscreen alone. We also need to start from our usual little by little. Did you do it right? Let me see if you have the following whitening mistakes.

1. Exfoliate before whitening

In order to make whitening ingredients better absorbed, you want to remove skin horniness? In this way, the skin will be stimulated instead of getting good results. The whitening product itself has the effect of exfoliating. If you exfoliate at this time, you will only cause the new cells to be exfoliated again, resulting in a decrease in skin resistance and damage to the sebum membrane.

2. The higher the concentration, the better the whitening effect

Blindly pursuing high concentration, if it can not be absorbed by the skin, the effect will also be discounted, and it will face possible irritation and injury. I used whitening maintenance products, but the effect was not good. The new trend is to wrap the formula with a carrier similar to the cell structure, so that the appropriate concentration can be easily accepted by the skin and play a deep role.

3. Incomplete makeup removal

White collar workers can hardly give up their make-up. However, while color makeup adds beauty to white-collar workers, it also leaves hidden dangers to the skin. The foundation make-up and eye shadow used for make-up generally contain grease, so it is necessary to use oily cleaning cream to clean first, and then wash with facial cleanser. Double cleaning can completely remove residual makeup, sebum secretion and dirt attached to the skin, so that the pores are unblocked, and the skin can be fresh, breathable and breathe freely. Otherwise, if makeup removal is not complete, it is easy to cause melanin deposition, and any amount of whitening products will be wasted.

4. Famous brand whitening can completely whiten

Nowadays, skin care products emphasize high quality and nature, which indeed has whitening effect, but there are also many problems that skin care products do not adapt to. In fact, the principle of choosing skin care products is to “suit yourself” as the first criterion. Therefore, don’t buy a whole set of expensive skin care products at once, unless you have used them before and feel that they are suitable for you.

5. Pearl powder for internal use: bright white from inside to outside

The function of pearl powder is only to increase the smoothness of the skin surface when used on the face. On the contrary, if some wild pearl sea areas are polluted and deteriorate, resulting in the residual heavy metal components on the surface of the Pearl, eating them will only cause harm to the body.

6. Whitening only in summer all year round

Wrong, I should start using whitening products in spring because the temperature is too high in summer. And “heat” is also an important reason for dull skin! High temperature can weaken the activity of antioxidant enzymes in their skin, and the accumulation of aging substances generates facial yellow gas, and the accelerated loss of elastic fibers and collagen leads to telangiectasia

7. Lack of sleep has nothing to do with whitening

Have you taken into account the quality and quantity of sleep? Staying up late, staying up all night and sacrificing sleep not only slow down metabolism and melanin deposition, but also make black spots, freckles and dark circles under the eyes come.

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