How to remove melanin precipitation? How to dispel melanin precipitation

Facial melanin deposition is an important factor affecting skin whitening. To maintain skin whiteness, it is necessary to actively avoid spots on the skin, so as to make the skin healthy and give off natural whiteness. Therefore, in addition to strengthening sun protection when the sun is hot, whitening work should be carried out all year round to resist ultraviolet rays.

What are the causes of facial melanosis?

(1) internal cause

Endocrine disorders are often serious problems such as color spots and acne on customers’ faces. Beauticians often talk about endocrine disorders. Heredity: generally, facial color spots that appear before the age of 18 may be related to heredity.

(2) external factors

Due to air pollution, a large amount of ultraviolet rays are directly radiated to our skin from the ozone layer loophole. In order to prevent skin cells from being oxidized, the human body secretes a large amount of melanin for protection, which leads to pigmentation and black spots. Cosmetics and skin cleanliness. Cosmetics contain chemical substances, lead and other heavy metals. If they are not cleaned properly, it is easy to cause pigmentation. Special physiology and emotion: during menstruation and pregnancy (especially during pregnancy), due to the stimulation of progesterone, the secretion of progesterone in the human body will increase, which will cause color spots or aggravate color spots.

How to internally adjust the body and whiten the skin?

Get enough sleep

Adequate sleep should be ensured every day. Fatigue will lead to skin tension and fatigue, slow metabolism, insufficient nutrients for the skin, and lack of moisture in the stratum corneum will make the skin dull.

Avoid exposure to ultraviolet rays

The formation of melanin is closely related to ultraviolet rays, so we should reduce the contact with strong sunlight at ordinary times, especially in the hours after 12:00 at noon. Wear a sunscreen umbrella and sunscreen when you go out. In addition, the radiation of electronic products we are in daily contact with also contains ingredients harmful to skin, which should be paid attention to.

Pay attention to maintenance during menstruation

During this period, eat more food that is helpful to expel blood stasis in the uterus, help the function of the uterus to operate normally, and increase blood without increasing the burden on the liver and spots on the skin.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

The skin’s reaction to food is relatively large. People with skin diseases must pay attention not to involve spicy, irritating, difficult to digest, fried food, and sweet, fat and heavy taste. Stay away from artificial additives and use hormones and contraceptives with caution. Drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables. Vegetables and fruits that are conducive to freckle removal include cherry, pineapple, lychee, apple, red date, lemon, tomato, strawberry, cucumber, citrus, aloe, carrot, eggplant, celery, etc. In addition, foods rich in trace elements such as copper and zinc, such as shellfish, animal livers and some acidic foods, can aggravate melanin deposition and should be eaten less.

Watermelon skin ice compress

If the skin is sunburned and red, you can apply watermelon skin ice on the skin. Natural watermelon skin contains vitamin C, which can calm and warm the skin; Aloe gel also has the same effect, and can reduce inflammation, cool and refreshing, and improve the redness of the skin; In addition, don’t eat food containing artificial food additives. The viscera of healthy people will maintain normal metabolism and smooth melanin discharge. Too much artificial additives in food will cause burden on the viscera, cause melanin precipitation, and form black spots and freckles.

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