Can lemon dressing really whiten your face? Can lemon dressing really whiten your face

Everyone has a love of beauty. In order to become beautiful, they think of all kinds of skin care methods, especially for facial skin. Some people even put their hopes on some folk formulas, but they don’t realize that they have stepped into the wrong area of skin care. How should people of different ages grasp the key points of skin care? Let’s take a look.

Skin care should not fall into these misunderstandings:

1. Lemon slices can whiten the skin

When applying lemon slices to your face, Xiaobian expressed disapproval with both hands and feet. This is a very wrong practice, and this oral secret recipe is quite dangerous, because everyone knows that the largest content of lemon is the acid component. If you directly apply lemon slices to your face without any dilution, you can not only have no whitening effect, but also have a burning feeling, Especially for women with sensitive skin, please use it with caution.

2. Washing your face with baking soda can remove blackheads

Listen, the damage to the skin is big enough. It is recommended not to try, especially for sensitive skin. Although baking soda itself has strong decontamination, it still needs to be careful when used on the face. It can not only easily destroy the original natural skin on the surface of your skin, but also cause skin redness and swelling when used,

3. Cucumber slices can moisturize your face

This cucumber slice can moisturize your face. It can be said that it is commonly used and often heard. But you have to know why Xiaobian does not recommend it. Because when you cut cucumber slices with a knife, do you find sticky things on them? This will hinder the absorption of the skin, and if cucumber is directly applied to the face, the skin of the face will be in a tight state after being applied to the face, and if it is often applied to the face, it will not only not replenish water, but also cause the face to be dark yellow~

4. Rub your face with sugar and salt to exfoliate

Looking at the words, I feel that I am hurting my skin personally, which is a real “pain” ~ because both of them are granular, it is particularly easy to hurt the skin when rubbing the face skin. Moreover, they are highly irritating, difficult to clean, and easy to block pores. It is safer to use professional exfoliating products for exfoliation..

Skin care focus of different age groups:

1. Key points of skin care under 25 years old

For girls under 25 years old, the skin of this age group is relatively complete and delicate, and the oil secretion of the skin of this age group is relatively strong, so first of all, we should pay more attention to the hygiene and cleaning of the face, and properly use some moisturizers or sunscreens. We don’t need to give sufficient nutrition to the skin. First of all, we should do a good job in cleaning! Such as oil control and moisturizing products.

2. 25-40 years old skin care focus

Women aged 25-40 are most prone to water shortage and melanin, so women at this age must regularly clean their faces. The special point is that sunscreen is essential to avoid the harm of ultraviolet rays. In addition, they also need to maintain a better sleep state to prevent premature aging!

3. Key points of skin care over 40 years old

For women over 40 years old, at this age, their skin starts to relax and wrinkle, and their metabolism function is relatively slow. Dryness is inevitable. Therefore, women at this age need to pay more attention to moisturizing and hydrating their skin, and appropriately use some anti-aging face cream to make their skin more elastic.

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