The most reliable and fast whitening method? The most reliable and fast whitening method

Winter is the best season for whitening. Girls who want to turn white must take advantage of this period. So what can I do to whiten? Recommend the most reliable fast whitening method, teach you how to grow skin like snow, come and learn!

Step 1: always use facial cleanser before going to bed every day

Before going to bed every night, adhere to the use of facial cleanser to clean the face, because the accumulation of oil and horniness on the face will lead to dull and dark skin. Squeeze a nut size cleanser in the palm of your hand, and then add an appropriate amount of warm water to slowly rub bubbles until your hands are rich in foam. After that, gently massage in circles on your face to avoid the parts around your eyes, so that the foam can take away the dust.

Step 2: wipe the skin with whitening toner

Many people use toner by spraying it on their face. They think that this is the end. In fact, it is wrong. In order to whiten, they should take toner with a cotton pad and gently wipe every inch of their face. Then gently pat it to help absorption. If the skin is dry, it is recommended to use it as a facial mask. Apply it to the face for ten minutes and then peel it off.

Step 3: whitening essence penetration

A good whitening essence can make your skin as bright as a fluorescent lamp. Take the whitening essence the size of a dime and evenly smear it on every inch of your face. Tap it to help essence be absorbed, especially in the areas with deep skin color. You can use palm temperature to accelerate the introduction into your skin.

Step 4: apply moisturizing cream

Before using whitening products, besides doing a good job in whitening, it is more important to lock nutrition in the end. If you want to make whitening ingredients work for a long time, you must finally use a moisturizing cream, and your skin will gradually become white and transparent.

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