How to do if sunscreen is not good in summer? A week’s fast whitening method can help

Hot summer can make people irritable and Tan their skin at the same time. We can see that some friends get a lot of Tan in hot summer. At this time, they will regret that they have not done a good job in sunscreen.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t take good care of sunscreen. Experts have brought you a week’s fast whitening method to quickly restore your white and hydrated skin.

How can this method be implemented? Don’t worry, let’s take a look at the specific content next.

The first day of a week’s whitening method: taking a bath to clean your skin is an indispensable prelude to whitening and maintenance.

The effect of skin cleaning means the absorption of subsequent products.

If the cleaning power of cleansing products is too strong, it is easy to cause irritation when using whitening products.

For daily cleaning, choose products that gently remove grease and aged horniness and enable whitening energy to reach defective parts quickly and smoothly.

Day 2: let the skin drink water whitening lotion is an economical and affordable product among whitening products. Making good use of it can make whitening work twice the result with half the effort! If you want to see the effect quickly, you should use the lotion boldly.

After washing your face in the morning and evening, gently wipe it with a cotton pad.

Day 3: the all-weather protection method whitening essence is the top priority in the repair work, and it should be considered day and night! In the morning and evening, apply the whitening essence on the spots or the cheekbones and bridge of the nose, and then evenly apply it on the whole face.

It protects the skin from external irritants during the day, helps the skin recover its self-healing function at night, and brings whitening and nourishment all night long.

Day 4: strengthen protection protection protection should be carried out all the time, whether during or after whitening. Only in this way can we make this whitening battle beautiful.

If you want to make the process of whitening progress faster, don’t think you can just apply a thin layer of sunscreen. Remember that sunscreen products must be applied layer by layer patiently.

Day 5: peace is the king’s way. Research proves that it is bad mood and pressure that ultimately make annoying color spots form on the face.

Therefore, strengthening skin quality is a must win strategy for whitening! The accumulated toxin is removed, the skin’s resistance is strengthened, and the signal from the stable pressure inside the skin is that “whitening military food” can be stored.

Day 6: anti-aging and whitening are indispensable. Even if we live in a vacuum, as the skin ages, there will be more and more color spots.

Therefore, whitening is always entangled with anti-aging.

Please remember to fight anti-aging before whitening! The Anti-aging Essence acts on the dermis and the whitening essence acts on the epidermis. Only by mastering the use order of the two essence can both effects be effectively exerted.

Day 7: the magic trick of keeping 360 degrees bright skin whitening facial mask is the fastest whitening product, and it’s best to use it before going to bed, because at that time, the cells are open, the absorption is the best, and the facial mask can give full play to its efficacy.

With massage techniques, skin temperature can be raised, and whitening ingredients can be helped to pass through the lipids in the stratum corneum. If you encounter micro lipid capsules that are usually used to wrap whitening ingredients, you need massage to release them! The above is a week’s whitening secret brought by experts.

I believe all my friends have learned these methods.

In fact, whitening in summer is not difficult. As long as you grasp the method well, you can get twice the result with half the effort. Friends should supplement enough moisture while protecting skin and sunscreen in summer, so that their skin won’t be thirsty due to high temperature sweating. In this way, they can also keep their skin healthy, and it is also very good to eat antioxidant fruits and vegetables regularly!

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