How to whiten in winter? 6 winter Whitening Tips to share

Although we are yellow people, we all hope to have fair skin, which can improve our appearance and make us look more beautiful.

There are many whitening products on the market, but the effect is unsatisfactory, which is difficult to meet people’s expectations.

How to whiten? Experts pointed out that whitening also needs to master some tips, so as to achieve better results. Let’s learn about it now! 1. Adequate sleep is the key to whitening. People’s skin will enter the metabolic period after 10 p.m. for whitening, sleep is the key. It is necessary to ensure more than 8 hours of sleep every day and keep an open mind. Skin will naturally whiten.

2. Sunscreen is very important. You should wear isolation cream and sunscreen before going out, and remember to remove your makeup at night. This is a key step in whitening methods.

3. In terms of diet, eating more cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, black sesame, etc. and eating some animal skins, chicken, beef, pig feet, etc. in moderation are good for improving skin dullness, beauty and enhancing skin elasticity.

4. When washing your face, you can add some edible white vinegar to the water, which is very good for whitening and rejuvenating your skin.

5. Drink more water, eat less fried food, and keep your skin clean. This is a crucial step in skin whitening, and also the basis of many whitening methods.

6. Pearl powder whitening is a secret whitening recipe from ancient times to the present, but the pearl powder used is preferably pure natural pearl powder. You can use pearl powder to make tea, mix pearl powder with lotion, or use pearl powder honey milk facial mask. After one or two months, you can see obvious whitening effect.

Whitening does not have to choose many brands of products, but it must choose the right method, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the effect.

Everyone should pay attention to skin care at ordinary times, especially when going out, and do a good job in sunscreen.

You can eat more light and healthy food, eat less dark things, have a good rest at night, and often take part in physical exercise during the day!

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