How to whiten skin in winter? 7 tips for skin whitening in winter

The hot summer makes people black. Many people want to take advantage of the cold winter to come back white. It is really easy to keep their skin white in winter.

So how to whiten skin in winter? It’s not as easy as you think to get back in white. You must master some skills. Experts have brought you some tips for whitening in winter. Come and understand them quickly! 1. Wear a mask or scarf to whiten your skin in winter. When you go out to work, you must remember to wear a mask or scarf. When you encounter wind and snow, cover your face with a mask and scarf, so as to avoid skin injury in winter.

And when you go out in winter, you also need to apply moisturizing and anti ultraviolet skin care products.

2. Stay away from black condiments to whiten your skin. You have to give up some condiments in winter.

Especially black condiments, such as soy sauce and vinegar.

Because the food we eat in winter is mostly stewed dishes, and soy sauce is often put in stewed dishes.

Soy sauce is a substance that destroys the color of skin by precipitating pigment. If you exercise less in winter, the function of discharging soy sauce will be reduced. Therefore, don’t eat more soy sauce in winter.

3. To whiten the skin in winter, it is necessary to ensure the hydration of the skin. Therefore, we can use fruits, drink water, and eat porridge to achieve the effect of hydration.

It’s better to do nursing work in the evening.

It is generally recommended to apply a layer of moisturizing water to your face before going to bed and after basic care for yourself, so that the effect of brightening your skin tone is better.

4. There is a view that cuticle is the primary factor to produce melanin.

Therefore, if you don’t want to make your skin black, exfoliation is a must.

But it can’t be done every day. It’s recommended to do exfoliation twice a week.

Remember, when taking horniness, especially the eyes, be especially careful, and don’t hurt the softest skin of the eyes.

5. Tomatoes help whiten tomatoes have the effect of whitening skin. I don’t know if everyone knows.

Generally, we recommend three tomatoes a day, one in the morning, one at noon and one at night.

In this way, the whitening effect will appear.

Especially in winter, it will be better to eat.

When choosing tomatoes, choose ripe ones, not green or green ones.

6. Winter melon whitening food people say that they can eat whatever they lack.

Therefore, if you want to whiten in winter, you can eat a lot of winter melon dishes.

For example, cabbage stew or winter melon soup.

Eating winter melon in winter can not only reduce weight, but also make the skin naturally white.

7. Wash your face with white sugar. When you wash your face, add a little white sugar into the facial cleanser, then put it in the palm of your hand, rub it evenly, and then put it on your face until the white sugar melts. Then wash it with clean water, which can effectively clean pore dirt. After a period of time, you can see that your skin color is obviously brightened.

Winter whitening must master the right method and choose the right skin care products, so as to achieve the effect quickly.

To whiten your skin in winter, you can eat some foods that help to whiten your skin, and at the same time, you should stay away from those dark condiments.

In winter, we must pay attention to skin care, do a good job in moisturizing and hydrating, and avoid skin dryness and discomfort!

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