What is the most effective whitening method? 11 whitening foods brighten your skin

Our country’s traditional concept is that “one white covers three ugly”, so women’s pursuit of white has never stopped. Skin care products and cosmetics have become essential products for almost every woman, and whitening products on the market are also emerging in endlessly. In fact, whitening is the same as the treatment of diseases. It is necessary to treat both the symptoms and the root causes. Only when the internal conditioning is good can the whitening effect be achieved in a real sense, and the skin can be completely white from the inside out. The first is to replenish a lot of water. The moisture of the skin after the sun has lost a lot, so keeping the moisture of the skin sufficient at all times is the first condition for whitening the skin. You need to buy a bottle of muscle water (atomized special moisturizing makeup water, with a very small molecular weight, which can penetrate directly into the subcutaneous skin) and spray it on the face frequently to calm and moisturize the skin. When working indoors and facing computers, ultraviolet rays and radiation can not be underestimated. When your face feels dry, spray it on your face to keep your face hydrated. Scheme 2: dual care of whitening lotion. The makeup water containing plant whitening ingredients can not only play the role of secondary cleaning, but also achieve the effect of convergence and whitening through the rapid penetration of water. If you used to use only ordinary toner, it’s better to replace it with a special whitening makeup water! Scheme 3: 24-hour continuous whitening. Ultraviolet rays are strong in the daytime, so it is very important to use whitening products to inhibit the production of melanin and resist the damage of ultraviolet rays. But if you want to make your skin truly perfect and white, whitening and repairing at night are also essential. At night, the air will continue to scatter a small amount of ultraviolet rays, and the regeneration rate of cells at night is twice as fast as that in the daytime, so melanin will continue to be produced. Therefore, night is the best time to further whiten and repair the skin and improve the whitening effect. At this time, the use of plant whitening facial mask such as flower and grass magic whitening and freckle removing essence membrane can repair cells more effectively and make skin fully prepared, Strengthen the ability to defend against ultraviolet rays in the daytime. Scheme 4: professional whitening and repair. If possible, try to go to the beauty salon for regular skin care once a week or 10 days. Under the guidance of a beautician, choose a course of treatment suitable for young skin, and take special care of whitening and moisturizing. Or use weekly care products, whitening essence and essential oil repair series, and ask a beautician to operate and massage for you. The effect may be better than that of one month at home! At home, you should also adhere to diet regulation of whitening facial mask scheme 5. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can inhibit oxidation and prevent pigment deposition; Vitamin B6 has the effect of removing melanin stains. Foods rich in vitamin B6 include chicken, lean pork, egg yolk, fish, shrimp, peanuts, soybeans and their products. Scheme VI collagen is the main component of the skin, accounting for 72% of the skin collagen and 80% of the dermis collagen. Collagen forms a fine elastic net in the skin, locking in moisture and supporting the skin like a scaffold. In women, collagen has begun to age and lose at the age of 20, and the content has decreased year by year. At the age of 25, it has reached the peak of loss. At the age of 40, the content is less than half of that at the age of 18. Scheme 7: the latest seven fold whitening technology is divided into nourishing skin, controlling the number of formed melanocytes, dispersing the formed melanocytes, accelerating the renewal of melanocytes, resisting the production of excessive melanin from the source, nourishing skin, blocking free radicals that may lead to skin aging, and keeping skin healthy and white for a long time. Whitening recipe 1. Distiller’s grains + warm water mix the frozen distiller’s grains with an appropriate amount of warm water (note that it should not be too thin), and then apply it to your face for 8 minutes. However, you should try it on your hand first. Allergy is not good! 2. Sweet wine brewing: take an appropriate amount of sweet wine, grind the rice inside, and then put the compressed facial mask or facial mask paper down to let it absorb. A whitening facial mask is completed! It’s OK to apply for about 10-15 minutes ~ remember to try it! 3. Sake makeup water the sake we usually drink when we eat Japanese food is also a good whitening helper. After washing your face, just wipe the sake on your face with cotton wool, and then apply night cream and other maintenance products after it is absorbed. Whitening Facial Mask honey egg facial mask efficacy: remove freckles, whiten and tighten skin raw materials: one spoonful of honey, one egg and a proper amount of glutinous rice powder usage: mix the above raw materials together and apply to the face for 20 minutes. Do it every 2 weeks. Efficacy of purple stamen facial mask: whiten, remove freckles, remove blackheads, delay skin aging, resist wrinkle, resist skin oxidation, moisturize, improve skin elasticity, and enhance skin nutrient absorption capacity. Raw materials: purpurea usage: powder purpurea, add proper amount of water, eggs or milk to paste, apply to the face, and wash with water 15-25 minutes later. Efficacy of peach blossom Whitening Facial Mask: whitening, freckling, moisturizing. Raw materials: fresh peach blossoms and milk usage and dosage: 10 peach blossoms, 4 tablespoons of milk, put them into a small cup, put the petals of peach blossoms into the milk, and stir them evenly. Watermelon skin whitening facial mask material: watermelon skin and honey practice: take an appropriate amount of watermelon skin, cut off the hard and thick green skin, and then squeeze the watermelon skin and mix it with honey. Usage: directly apply this facial mask to the skin around the face and keep it for 15-20 minutes before cleaning. Effect: everyone loves the cold watermelon, but the watermelon skin has been thrown away. Unexpectedly, the watermelon skin is also rich in water, which can help replenish water for the face and look forward to the rapid cooling effect. Green tea egg yolk wrinkle removing and whitening facial mask material: 1 tsp green tea powder, 1 yolk, 1 tsp flour practice: after mixing the egg yolk in the flour, continue mixing with green tea powder. Usage: apply the made green tea facial mask to the whole face, then spread a layer of slightly wet facial paper, stop on the face for about 5-10 minutes, and wash with cold or warm water. After applying the facial mask, your skin will be very sensitive. Please do not apply makeup immediately. Even if you want to make up, you should first apply a thin layer of lotion or lotion. Effect: after finishing the facial mask, you will feel that your skin is really smooth and has a good whitening effect. It is well known that green tea is antioxidant. The homemade green tea facial mask has a good wrinkle removing effect, and green tea does not contain acid and will not irritate the skin. Whitening food peas: eating more peas can remove spots and keep your appearance. Compendium of Materia Medica says that peas have the effect of “removing black spots and making your face shiny”. Modern studies have found that peas are rich in vitamin A, which can be converted into vitamin A in the body, and vitamin A has the effect of moistening the skin, and it is taken from general foods without toxic side effects. Eating peas also has the function of reducing swelling and stretching the skin, and can tighten the wrinkles around the eyes. Potatoes are related to whitening vegetables. There is also a saying of “double beans”, which means potatoes and peas. Potatoes are rich in B vitamins and a large amount of high-quality cellulose, as well as trace elements, protein, fat, high-quality starch and other nutrients. These ingredients play an important role in the process of anti-aging and disease prevention, and can effectively help women detoxify. It contains rich vitamin C to make women recover and whiten their skin. In addition, the crude fiber in potatoes can also play a role in moistening the intestines and defecating. White radish Chinese medicine believes that white radish can “benefit the five internal organs and whiten the muscles”. White radish is a common vegetable. It can be eaten raw or cooked, and its taste is slightly spicy. It can promote digestion, enhance appetite, accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis and relieve cough and phlegm. Can white radish whiten? Because white radish is rich in vitamin C, vitamin C is an antioxidant, which can inhibit melanin synthesis, prevent fat oxidation, and prevent lipofuscin deposition. Therefore, eating white radish often can make the skin white and delicate. Carrots carrots are known as “skin food”, which can moisturize the skin. What it contains β Carotene can resist oxidation, whiten skin, remove excess horniness, calm and soothe oily acne skin, and egg yolk and honey have moisturizing and moisturizing effects. In addition, carrots are rich in pectin, which can combine with mercury to eliminate harmful ingredients in the human body and make the skin look more delicate and rosy. Winter melon winter melon is a good beauty product, which has a significant effect on whitening skin. Rub the face with wax gourd tablets every day or wash the face with wax gourd pulp frequently, which can make the facial skin fine and smooth and reduce chloasma. This may be related to histidine, urinary enzymes, vitamins and trace elements contained in melon pulp. Lemon is the most vitamin C-rich fruit. Regular consumption can make skin younger, delay aging, whiten spots, narrow pores, soften stratum corneum, etc. it also has special significance in fighting cancer. It is said that only one spoonful of lemon a week can reduce the incidence rate of skin cancer by 30%. The moisture content of fresh tomato and tomato juice is as high as 94%. Lycopene rich in tomatoes has a protective effect on cardiovascular system and can reduce heart attack. In addition, nicotinic acid in tomatoes can maintain the normal secretion of gastric juice, promote the formation of red blood cells, and help maintain the elasticity of blood vessel walls and protect skin. When buying tomatoes, we’d better choose some naturally matured tomatoes, because naturally matured tomatoes are more nutritious and taste better. Therefore, if you want to lose weight and maintain the elasticity and moisture of your skin, you can eat more tomatoes. Lettuce is a kind of lettuce, such as spherical cabbage and oatmeal, which are common in the market. Compared with another common vegetable, cabbage, lettuce contains more fiber and has the effect of eliminating excess fat. It is a very good diet food. In addition, because lettuce leaves contain lettuce, they also have analgesic, hypnotic, cholesterol lowering and other effects, so lettuce is also very suitable for the elderly to eat. Moreover, lettuce is rich in cellulose, which can supplement the lack of fiber absorption in meat eating weight loss methods. 100 grams of lettuce contains 1.52 grams of dietary fiber, which can supplement the fiber lost in protein weight loss. Strawberry the most prominent advantage of strawberry is that it contains a large amount of vitamin C, which is about 10 times higher than apples and grapes. The nutrients of strawberries are easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body, so it is very effective to eat more strawberries to supplement the nutrients needed by our human body. And eating more strawberries is also very good for those girls who use the diet method, because eating more strawberries can make up for the lack of nutrition in the diet method. Asparagus asparagus, compared with ordinary vegetables, contains soft and delicious fiber, and tastes more fragrant and delicious. In addition, asparagus is rich in folic acid. About five asparagus contain more than 100 micrograms, which has reached 1 / 4 of a person’s daily demand. The main steps of cooking asparagus are as follows: first, the asparagus is best cooked whole, so as to maintain nutrition to the greatest extent; In addition, the nutrition of asparagus is mostly on the tip. It is best to bundle the asparagus and cook it head up, so as to maintain the nutrients contained in the asparagus to the greatest extent. Although zucchini looks so ordinary, its nutritional value cannot be underestimated at all. Zucchini contains more nutrients such as vitamin C and glucose, especially calcium. Moreover, zucchini is rich in moisture and has the effect of moistening the skin. Experts suggest that zucchini should not be eaten raw and cooked too badly to avoid nutrition loss. In addition, zucchini is cold, so people with weak physique and poor gastrointestinal function should eat less zucchini.

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