6 ways to solve skin problems 4 kinds of food can improve problematic skin

Our living environment, daily living habits, wrong skin care concepts, disregard for skin care and other factors work together, resulting in a variety of skin problems, especially for women. After the age of 25, the body and skin conditions are getting worse and worse, such as common color spots, acne and dark skin.

So how should we solve these skin problems? There are a variety of skin care products for beauty and beauty on the market, but due to the uneven quality, some products will have side effects on the body.

In view of this problem, experts summarized the following points for your reference.

What are the problem skin? 1. Acne; Acne is a common skin disease. It is generally caused by failing to deal with acne in time or using inappropriate treatment methods. Acne is the source of attacking people’s self-confidence.

2. Relaxation; No matter how beautiful your face is, it can’t resist the erosion of time. Once you get older, your skin won’t be as tight and smooth as it used to be. Your loose skin is like a deflated balloon, without any beauty.

3. Color spots; The air quality is getting worse and worse. Facing computers all day, if you don’t do skin care work, you may accidentally join the ranks of spot girls. Spot is the beauty enemy of women.

4. Drying; The skin is dry and tight, without any sense of wetness, and even has symptoms such as skin peeling, itching and discomfort. All kinds of signs show that the skin is very thirsty, so we need to replenish water quickly.

5. Wrinkles; With the growth of youth, wrinkles, an uninvited guest, gradually climb to the cheeks, delicate skin no longer exists, and beautiful faces have passed away. Young people say goodbye in this way.

6. Dim; After a summer’s exposure, the skin has become dull, and choosing the color of clothes has become a big topic. I feel that nothing can match what I wear, and what can restore my white face is a common worry of many women.

dark spots The air quality is getting worse and worse. Facing computers all day, if you don’t do skin care work, you may accidentally join the ranks of spot girls. Spot is the beauty enemy of women.

Foods to improve problematic skin 1. Soy products.

Isoflavones in soybeans are phytoestrogens that can replace part of female hormones and help combat aging. Moreover, they also have antioxidant capacity. They are an indispensable food for women to maintain glossy and delicate skin. Soybean products, such as bean curd and soy milk (sugar is not recommended), are better choices. Other processed soybean products, such as page tofu, dried beans and bean skin, The caloric value is much higher than that of ordinary tofu. For example, 100 grams of tender tofu and traditional tofu in boxes have about 50-88 calories, but the same 100 grams of dried beans need 160-190 calories, 100 page tofu needs 214 calories, and Japanese fried bean skin needs 385 calories. The caloric difference is more than twice. It is better to eat less.

2. Jujube.

There is a folk saying that “eating three jujubes a day does not make you old all your life”.

Jujube can invigorate Qi and spleen, promote blood and blood biochemical, make face ruddy and skin moist.

At the same time, the protein, carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, organic acid, phosphorus, calcium, iron and other substances contained in jujube can promote skin cell metabolism and prevent pigmentation.

3. Lemon.

Lemon rich in vitamin C can promote metabolism, delay aging, whiten and lighten spots, narrow pores, soften cuticle and make skin shiny.

According to research, lemon can reduce the incidence rate of skin cancer. As long as one spoonful of lemon juice is used every week, the incidence rate of skin cancer can be reduced by 30%.

4. Nuts.

The unsaturated fatty acids contained in nuts are good for the skin, which can soften the skin from the inside out, prevent wrinkles, moisturize and make the skin look younger.

Vitamin E contained in nuts can not only reduce and prevent the production and deposition of lipofuscin in the skin, but also prevent acne.

Chinese herbal beauty formula 1. Angelica dahurica and rhubarb mainly solve the problem of acne on the face, dark skin color and large oiliness.

Applicable to people with acne on the face, redness, swelling, pus, or secret stool knot.

Causes of the problem: adolescent boys and girls are at the peak of development. If there is no place to vent the so-called anger in their bodies, adolescence will become an era of acne.

There is also a kind of people, because of their irritability or love of spicy food and other reasons, their bodies become too angry, thus accumulating and forming acne.

In addition, poor stool can also lead to excessive anger.

Usage: take 6 grams of Angelica dahurica and 2 grams of Rhubarb in boiled water. The specific method is the same as above. If the stool is still blocked, increase the dosage of rhubarb one by one until the stool is smooth and inflammatory.

Special usage: divide Angelica dahurica and rhubarb into very fine powder, mix them into paste with raw honey, and smear them on the surface of acne.

Effect observation after oral and external use, observe whether the number of acne is reduced, whether the area is reduced, and whether the degree is reduced. As long as there is improvement, stick to it.

2、 Astragalus membranaceus and Angelica sinensis mainly solve the problems of facial chloasma, dullness or acne and dark marks that last a long time.

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