6 daily simple tips to whiten your skin 11 skin whitening methods to help you say goodbye to yellow skin

I believe that in real life, many friends want to be whiter, but not everyone can have white skin, so we all respect whitening methods and hope to learn. There are many simple methods in daily life that can make our skin whiter. What are these whitening methods? Next, let’s start from washing our face. Let’s learn about the whitening methods. 1. Wash our face with white vinegar: white vinegar is also a way we often use to whiten and clean our face. After the initial cleaning of our face, take a basin of clean water, drop 7-8 drops of vinegar into it, mix it with our hands, and then we can wash our face with this white vinegar water. Wash our face with white vinegar before going to bed every day. After a period of time, we will find that the skin is obviously white.

2. Tea face washing: green tea has a very good antioxidant function and a calming effect. It contains vitamin C and is also a good prescription for whitening. Washing your face with green tea can not only significantly clean your skin, but also have a strong whitening effect. It also has a good effect on sterilization and inflammation of your skin. It is a holy product for skin care and whitening.

3. Face washing with white sugar: white sugar has a cleaning effect and can be used to whiten the skin. When washing the face, clean the face with water first, then add some white sugar to the facial cleanser, rub it on the palm, and mix it with the facial cleanser evenly to clean the facial skin. Because of the cleaning effect of white sugar, the facial skin shows a more white luster.

4. Wash your face with salt: the way of washing your face with salt is more suitable for men, because the undissolved particles of salt can help men who love oil clean their faces, and salt also has a certain whitening effect. It is also added to facial cleanser to whiten their skin.

5. Milk for face washing: milk has long been used by Western nobles for face washing and bathing, which is due to its whitening and moisturizing effects, which can gently nourish skin.

Before washing your face with milk, wash your face with water first, then take part of the milk and apply it on your face, so that it can slowly moisturize your skin. After more than ten minutes, you can wash it with water, so that milk can help whiten your skin.

6. Mineral water wash your face: if you want to make your skin whiter, you can also wash your face with mineral water, because mineral water is rich in minerals and good for your skin.

Whitening method 1. When you want to sleep, cut the cucumber thin and put it on your face. Take it off in a few minutes, and your face will be white and tender in a month.

2. Before going to bed, completely soak your face with the cheapest cotton pad and make-up water, apply it to your face for 20 minutes, three times a week, and your skin will be bright and clear!! 3. Drink 2 cups of water every day after getting up, one of which is added with some salt, which can clear the intestines and stomach.

4. If you want your skin to become pleated, you must wear isolation cream and sunscreen before going out. When you get home, you must remove your makeup immediately.

5. Washing your face with warm water first and then cold water will make your skin clean and your pores smaller.

Wash your face with what can whiten these Whitening Tips. 6. Drinking water is also very good for maintaining your skin, so you must drink more water and not stay up late, eat less fried things, and keep your skin clean.

7. After washing your face every night, pour Yakult onto the cotton pad and apply it directly to your cheeks. You can even apply it to your forehead and chin. It not only removes spots but also whitens your face, because each time you use only about one sixth of a bottle of Yakult.

8. Drink less water at night, drink more water during the day, and apply water brightening facial mask before bed; Eat more fruit, don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t stay up late, and ensure that the water is bright.

9. First, apply cold tea bags to your eyes for five minutes, and then do a yoga like action. This action is to cross your legs first, then raise your hands high and then lie down forward. Keep this position for about ten minutes.

This action is not easy to do for ten minutes at the beginning. It takes a period of practice, but the effect is really good.

10. Add a teaspoon of Coix seed powder to about 1000cc of water. When drinking water, it is not only good for the skin, but also has a magical effect on weight loss. This is because Yiren has a diuretic effect and can reduce edema. Therefore, it has the effect of reducing weight and face, and is also very helpful for whitening skin.

11. Soaking in hot springs can not only make skin pink and smooth, but also eliminate fatigue

If you have skin allergies, soaking in a hot spring with curative effect can also improve! The above is about how to wash your face to whiten, and also brings you common whitening methods in daily life. These methods are very effective. They are very effective for skin whitening and even skin quality improvement. Whitening can only be achieved through the joint action of skin care and the formation of good habits in life. There are also many good whitening and antioxidant foods in life, We can eat more at ordinary times. Finally, experts remind us that drinking more water is also very important!

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