What are the good ways to whiten your skin all over the body? 9 good ways to whiten your skin all over the body

It has always been the dream of beautiful women to whiten their skin. As the saying goes, one white covers three ugly things! In life, many female friends’ skin is not very white, and some will have dark yellow skin. For beauty lovers, it is of course necessary to find ways to solve this problem. What are the good ways to whiten their skin all over the body? Eating more fruits is good for skin whitening.

Summer is the most disliked season for women’s skin, especially the sunshine in summer will cause the deposition of melanin and dullness of skin color. Therefore, women who love beauty should choose the whitening method to whiten themselves, and choose the right whitening method to achieve the effect and reduce the damage to the skin.

1、 How to whiten the whole body skin 1. Pay attention to sunscreen is the most direct way, try to avoid direct sunlight, and pay attention to sunscreen even when there is no sun. Use some sunscreen products.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, mainly green leafy vegetables, but eat less hot vegetables to avoid increasing melanin deposition..

3. How to whiten your skin after outdoor activities? Regardless of the degree of sun exposure, you should take a bath in time and massage your whole body in a gentle way. Shower with warm water first and then rinse with cold water. After washing, you should apply some skin care products.

4. If your skin is red from the sun, wrap it with a towel and apply cold compress with ice cubes to slow down the local dryness and heat. Do not scratch it to avoid skin damage.

5. After the skin is exposed to the sun, it can be smeared with fresh aloe juice to achieve the whitening effect and effectively alleviate the feeling of skin pain.

6. We should eat less greasy food, and at the same time, we should not overdose some hormone drugs, otherwise it will cause melanin deposition.

7. Rehydration is the best way of beauty without side effects, so drinking more water can effectively prevent skin aging and make skin smooth and lustrous.

8. Don’t stay up late to maintain adequate sleep is the first condition for whitening. Once the work and rest are irregular, insufficient sleep will cause insufficient skin metabolism and dirt deposition.

9. Keep a good attitude, don’t have too much emotional fluctuation, and avoid some irritating tobacco and alcohol.

2、 Eating fruits can promote skin whitening 1. Cherries not only contain rich iron box carotene, which can supplement qi and blood, but also contain rich vitamin C, which is a whitening element. Using cherries can prevent the deposition of melanin and maintain skin whitening.

2. Strawberries are rich in minerals, vitamins and other substances that enhance skin elasticity, and the substances contained in strawberries can also remove the oil of the skin, play a role in cleaning the skin, and promote skin metabolism to achieve the whitening effect.

3. Lemon is the best whitening fruit. It contains rich antioxidant substances, which can make skin smooth and moist, alleviate skin fatigue, and supplement skin moisture to achieve whitening effect.

What are the good ways to whiten your skin? To sum up, I believe that everyone knows the way to whiten the skin. We should do a good job in skin sunscreen in our daily life, eat more fruits to whiten the skin, and replenish more water to the body. Only when the body has enough water can the skin appear tender and white. In addition, we need to maintain a good attitude. When we are in a good mood, our skin will be healthier.

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