How to quickly whiten the tanned skin? 6 ways to deal with the fast whitening of tanned skin

Many people find that their skin has been tanned for a circle after going out to play, and the whole person looks very ugly. How to remedy the tanned skin? Is there a fast whitening method for the tanned skin? I believe that many people in life have encountered such a situation, so the following experts have found several ways to quickly whiten your skin. Let’s have a look.

1. Apply frozen milk to the whole body place the cup of milk (yogurt is better) in the freezer of the refrigerator until it is frozen to a lump. Wash the whole body with warm water before taking a bath, and then apply frozen milk to the whole body (or the face). The skin temperature is enough to melt it during application and promote the absorption of milk nutrition. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

A cup of milk can be used twice. When you first use it, cut it in half with a knife, and put the other half into the freezing chamber.

Stick to it every day, and you can see the effect after a week.

2. Lemon water lemon has always been recognized as a good whitening product. The vitamin C contained in lemon can effectively prevent and eliminate melanin deposition of the skin. Drinking lemon water often in summer and soaking lemon slices in water can play a great whitening role.

3. Wipe with vinegar and salt water to dissolve the vinegar and salt in water. The ratio is about water: white vinegar: salt = 9:3:1. Wet the towel with the prepared mixture and rub it on your face once in the morning and once in the evening. (it’s OK to rub more than once or twice). The effect is very fast. Your skin will turn white and your acne will disappear.

4. Washing and whitening with rice washing water in life, rice washing water is the most common.

When cooking, don’t pour out the rice washing water in a hurry. Washing your face can have a good whitening effect.

After leaving the rice washing water, add about 1 times of warm water to mix it together and use it to wash and whiten your face at night.

5. Pearl powder: add fine pearl powder into yoghurt, stir evenly, apply it on your face, gently massage for a few minutes, and then clean it.

It can remove dead skin and whiten easily.

Moreover, pearl powder can also dispel blackheads and keep you away from Strawberry noses.

6. Momordica charantia whitening facial mask Momordica charantia has the effect of clearing heat and relieving summer heat. In fact, Momordica charantia also has the effect of whitening. Especially in summer, after the skin is sunburned, cool the Momordica charantia for 15 minutes, then cut it into thin slices and stick it on the face. Then, soak the facial mask paper with mineral water, stick it on the Momordica charantia, and wash it after 15 minutes. It can effectively relieve the sunburned skin and prevent sunburn.

Whitening and moisturizing should conform to nature. The pigment content contained in everyone’s skin is determined by heredity.

There are two kinds of ultraviolet damage to the skin: one is immediate damage – sunburn and tanning; The other is long-term damage – sunburn and pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, which can lead to skin cancer.

Therefore, daily UV protection is one of the important measures for skin care.

Melanin is a protein found in the basal layer of everyone’s skin.

Ultraviolet radiation will change melanin to produce a substance that protects the skin, and then melanin will move layer by layer through cell metabolism to the skin epidermis, forming skin problems such as color spots and uneven skin tone.

Therefore, whitening is also a nursing project from the inside out.

First of all, we should choose a set of whitening products suitable for ourselves. Because the whitening ingredients are different, it is theoretically best to use the same brand and series of products, so as to prevent the adverse reactions caused by the conflict of different whitening ingredients.

Many whitening products on the market take vitamin C as the main ingredient.

Ellagic acid has extremely high antioxidant property, which can help skin inhibit and regulate the production of melanin, and lighten the formed color spots.

How is the skin suntanned remedied? Through reading the above articles, you know the corresponding fast beauty methods. These methods are all natural whitening methods. You may as well try them. In addition, you should not be too hasty when whitening your skin. After your skin is tanned, it needs a process of repair. It can’t be effective after one use. I hope it can help you after several more uses.

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