What can I eat to whiten in my daily life? If you want to whiten your skin, you must eat these five foods

For people with dark yellow skin and spots on their face, it is really a very troublesome thing. Dark yellow skin and spots on their face affect people’s beauty and reduce people’s self-confidence. Therefore, everyone wants to know how to make their skin healthy and white. The following experts introduce five secret formulas for people who don’t do spot lightening. Those who love beauty may as well take a look at what methods can whiten and lighten spots.

What method can whiten light spots? Many people like to search for this problem on the Internet. Whitening and lightening spots are already a lot of people’s worries. What if we can whiten and lighten spots? Fair skin needs a lot of efforts to achieve. In addition to the external whitening and skin care plan, we also need to supplement whitening energy from the inside. Whitening food is a good helper to promote whitening. So what can we eat to whiten? Yam and Lycium barbarum nourishing porridge materials: japonica rice, Lycium barbarum, yam, honey (sugar) production method: first wash the japonica rice and soak it in water for about one hour, then drain the water for standby; Chinese yam peeled and cut into small diced pieces for use; Chinese wolfberry is boiled with warm water; Add an appropriate amount of cold water to the pot, pour the japonica rice, Chinese wolfberry and Chinese yam prepared before into the pot, bring to a boil over high heat, and then turn to low heat; Cook well and then serve. Add honey or sugar to taste when eating.

Efficacy: nourish the complexion and blood, prevent freckles almond coffee protein facial mask production method: two spoonfuls of coffee powder, four spoonfuls of almond powder and one egg. Separate the egg by filtration and leave the protein for later use. Evenly stir the almond puree, coffee powder and protein.

Apply the prepared facial mask to the spots.

Wash it in ten minutes.

Efficacy: this facial mask can moisturize and remove wrinkles, tighten loose skin, fade black spots, and make skin white and bright.

Preparation method of lemon water plus vitamine C: put lemon slices into a closed container, add warm water to sink the lemon slices, cover the container, and wait for five minutes.

Mixed vitamin C can promote kidney circulation, reduce the incidence of black spots and spots, and partially whiten the skin.

Tips: drinking drinks, whether purchased or homemade, is not recommended after being chilled. It is best to use warm water to warm the stomach and detoxify.

Assorted fruit nourishing porridge material: apple, banana, pear, kiwi fruit, starch, sugar (honey) preparation method: wash all the above fruits and cut them into small pieces for standby; Then add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, the amount of water should cover the fruit, then pour all the diced fruit into the water, bring it to a boil over a high fire, turn it to a slow fire and continue to boil. After the fruit is boiled, add an appropriate amount of sugar or honey, and then pour in the mixed water starch, mixing while pouring; Cook again and serve.

Efficacy: clear heat, detoxify, lighten spots and whiten Chinese wolfberry fermented eggs. Method: first boil 200g of fermented wolfberry, then add 5g of Chinese wolfberry, an appropriate amount of rock sugar, 50g of quail egg liquid stirred evenly, and finally boil it in high fire.

Efficacy: through food conditioning, you can also effectively lighten or even remove spots. When these foods are added together, they can promote the absorption of nutrients. Women’s expression after eating is more moist and moving, and it also achieves the effect of removing spots.

Finally, it can also be used in combination with massage to remove spots. Use your thumb to draw circles at the spots, gently and forcefully, 50-60 times per minute, to spread the locally diffused pigment to a wider range, which is conducive to rapid absorption.

After reading the above articles, we have a better understanding of the treatment of whitening and lightening spots. However, if you want to make your skin healthy and white, you need to work not only on skin care products, but also on diet. These delicious foods are not only nutritious, but also can whiten your skin. If you have spots and dark yellow skin, you may as well try these secret formulas for whitening and lightening spots.

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