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Every woman wants to have smooth and delicate skin. In addition to relying on external support, she also needs internal support

Is there any good dietotherapy for internal cultivation? The following 10 types of health congee introduced to you by Xiaobian can make your skin as smooth and tender as a shelled egg

1. Sweet milk porridge: 50g of rice, washed and boiled with 500g of fresh soymilk, with a little sugar added, can be eaten warm for breakfast and dinner

Soybeans have the effects of Nourishing Qi, benefiting the large intestine and moistening the skin. Soymilk is more nutritious and easy to digest and absorb

This porridge not only moistens the skin, but also has a good effect on body deficiency, cough and constipation

2. Sweet potato porridge: take 100g sweet potato, wash and cut into small pieces, cook it together with 150g japonica rice and proper amount of water, and use it for breakfast and dinner

Sweet potato is a good vegetable that people often eat

According to the compendium of compendium, sweet potatoes can “replenish the middle, harmonize the blood and fatten the five internal organs.”

TCM believes that the spleen is the biochemical source of Qi and blood, which can transform water and valley into Qi and blood, nourish and moisturize the facial skin, and make people radiant

This porridge has the effect of moistening and beautifying the skin according to its functions of strengthening the spleen and stomach and Qi and blood

3. Oatmeal porridge: 50g steamed wheat, boiled with proper amount of water

For breakfast and dinner

Oats, also known as oats and naked oats, are sweet and flat in nature and taste. It is a high protein food with high nutritional value of tonifying deficiency and strengthening the spleen

Eating this porridge regularly has a significant effect on maintaining skin elasticity and inhibiting the formation of age spots

4. Ridge porridge: take 50g of ridge meat, wash and cut into small pieces, fry it with a little oil, cook it with 50g of Japonica Rice and proper amount of water, add a little salt to taste, and eat it on an empty stomach in the morning and evening

According to the Diet Manual of suixicheng, pork can replenish kidney and stomach juice, nourish liver yin, moisten skin, facilitate both stools, quench thirst, and improve health

Pork tenderloin is characterized by white color and tender face. It is rich in vitamin C, B1, B2 and other nutrients with beauty effects

In addition to being eaten by people with weak body and unpleasant complexion, this porridge is often drunk by people who are usually healthy. It has the effect of wrinkle prevention and wrinkle elimination

5. Walnut porridge: take 5 walnuts, mash them with renlue, cook them into porridge with 100g of Japonica rice, add a little brown sugar, mix well, and eat them on an empty stomach in the morning and evening

It is recorded in the famous prescription of the sea in the Song Dynasty that this porridge enriches blood and blood by nourishing bones, lungs and spleen, moistens dryness and generates saliva, moisturizes skin, keeps fit, and has dark beard and black hair

Therefore, eating this porridge often not only has the function of moistening the skin, but also has the function of discharging stones, but it is not suitable for those with loose stools

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