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You know that eating the right food can improve your health and vitality, and it can also make you thinner, tucked into a smaller size of jeans

But recently, scientists have focused on the impact of food types on appearance, and found some very strong correlations

Dermatologists say that many studies have found that some nutrients will make you more attractive, and some nutrients will work on specific days

The dermatologists and nutritionists we consulted asked them to make a beauty list

In each project, they give suggestions on nutritious foods that can produce the best results as soon as possible

Next, the editor will tell you how to change the eight nutritious foods in the United States to make you more sexy and charming in this sunny summer! 1. Pumpkin seeds eliminate acne nutrition experts say that pumpkin seeds are the enemy of acne because they are rich in zinc

The latest professional journal Journal of healing garden the healing garden American Academy of Dermatology found that people with acne are generally lack of zinc

Take one or two zinc tablets every day

2. Watercress to prevent facial edema experts recommend that you take watercress (also known as Dutch mustard) every day

It contains antioxidants, which can slow down inflammation and shrink pores; And iron can make you radiant

The professional journal American Journal of clinical nutrition also found that it can increase the antioxidant content in your blood and reduce the loss of DNA

3. Spinach makes your eyes more electric spinach is rich in lutein. Many studies have shown that it is the key to protecting your eyes, making your eyes bright and clear

Eat one or two bowls of spinach salad every day

Experts say that for some people, this amount seems a lot

You can use the juice machine to make a cup, and the intake is enough

4. According to experts, one apple a day keeps dentists away from me (especially dentists who do tooth bleaching)

This crispy fruit has been proven to remove tooth stains left after drinking coffee, tea or red wine, and give you a smile without yellow spots

5. Mung beans help you become a black haired beauty mung beans are rich in silicon. One study found that after nine months of eating one silicon supplement a day, your hair will become significantly stronger and thicker

Dermatologists suggest microwaving frozen mung beans as a low calorie snack

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