Can soap be used to wash your face? To tell the truth, the scorer will look at it

A few days ago, a friend said that he wanted to wash his face with soap and asked me if I had any questions. Many people wash their faces with soap. In the past, before there was no facial cleanser, it was really a necessary product for facial cleansing. Soap has a long history in the world. In particular, today’s diversified soaps and soaps are particularly attractive for their beauty and pleasant atmosphere.

Basically, every family will have some for hand washing, laundry, and air freshener. Many people want to know whether it is appropriate to wash their faces. My answer is: some people can occasionally. The high cleanliness and the ability to kill bacteria and mites of soap are not available in most facial cleansers. But we should pay attention to several aspects when washing our face with soap. First, let’s look at the selection of skin attributes. Oily skin and adolescent acne skin can be washed with soap occasionally, thoroughly cleaned, and helps kill bacterial mites. Dry skin is not suitable for washing your face with soap, which is easy to cause wrinkles. Children should not wash their faces with soap. It is easy to cause rough skin and enlarged pores during growth. The elderly are not suitable for washing their faces with soap, which will accelerate skin aging, dryness and increase wrinkles. 2。 Wash your face with soap and wash the rest of the soap thoroughly.

Soap is weakly alkaline and human skin is weakly acidic. After washing the face, sebum is cleaned, and the barrier of sebum is lost in a short time, which makes the skin dry and reduces the elasticity of the skin. This is why soap tightens after washing your face. Therefore, after washing your face with soap, you need to thoroughly remove the residues on your face with clean water. 3. Care after washing your face with soap. Many people like the cleanness and pore permeability after washing their faces with soap, especially for oily skin and acne skin. The weak alkalinity of soap directly irritates the skin. After washing your face with soap, it takes time for your skin to return to normal. It can be repaired with simple care.

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