How about Shiseido and Youlai?

Shiseido, as the first sister in Asia and the top 3 cosmetics company in the world, does not need to develop its own technical strength. It has been using skin care products for many years. To be honest, Shiseido Youlai is a mid-range brand in the group’s high-end series of products. It’s very cost-effective and very practical.

The reason is very simple. A group of technologies, raw materials and formulas are shared. Take leisure as an example. The top series are continuously exploited, and the sales volume of face cream is 460. Although its own brand positioning is general, this face cream can definitely compete with this series of face cream. The face cream with beautiful appearance 510 is expected on this line, even more than that. Regardless of the addition of active substances, the quality of the packaging, the texture of the contents, and the gold series. Another example is the direct benchmarking of 760 Yuewei lotion, not to mention the texture, the effect is really one-to-one!, Not to mention the texture, the effect really has a proportion! The price gap between them mainly comes from the brand premium and the difference between imported products and domestic products. But Youlai is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shiseido. Shiseido has a self built factory in Shanghai. Its raw materials, process and formula are imported from Japan.

Although it says that it is made in China, its essence is Shiseido, and it is only made in another place. After all, labor costs in Japan are high, and Shiseido also has factories in Vietnam. For a while, dprogram and immortality sunscreen, which were only sold in local cosmetics stores in Japan, were produced in Vietnam. You can’t find Nissan. (now back to Nissan, but some brands are Vietnamese.) With the reduction of labor costs and high import taxes, the price of Youlai will naturally drop a lot, which gives us the opportunity to spend the least money with the best quality products. The reason why I say that the high-end brand of the mid-range brand can completely compete with the high-end brand. From the perspective of the company, these large companies need a lot of time and money to develop products.

For them, since I have a mature formula (such as Panli Fengzi Jincai 820 yuan face cream), I only need to change it a little and use it directly, which will also have effects. In addition, it is really easy for Shiseido to make some advanced skin care products.

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