How about Shiseido sunscreen?

Shiseido has so many sunscreens, which one is better? It can be said that Shiseido has given people a complete sense of existence in the past two years. Which Shiseido sunscreen is better? What brand of sunscreen is good? I recommend Shiseido to install sun resistant gold bottles.

Ultraviolet absorber is strictly selected according to Shiseido’s requirements. It does not add any spices and colors. It is very mild and sensitive to muscles. It can also be used by infants. Sunscreen lotion has a very refreshing gel texture. It can contact sweat and water and prevent ultraviolet rays. White: add medicinal whitening ingredients, effectively prevent freckles, black spots and sunscreen, and make you whiter and more beautiful. BB cream can prevent water, sweat and makeup. Add super moisturizing hyaluronic acid to keep skin moist. It can naturally cover pores and spots. BB cream has two color numbers, one is brighter skin color, and the other is skin color. It is mainly the high-end series of desila, which prevents ultraviolet a wave and b wave from passing through ultraviolet radiation. In order to fight against dry skin, whitening and sunscreen ingredients will effectively penetrate into the stratum corneum, moisturize the skin, resist aging, and make the skin transparent and compact. This sunscreen is an upgraded version of the old one. It has a high sun protection index, which can protect the skin from the damage of ultraviolet A in the sun and prevent inflammation caused by ultraviolet B.

It can effectively protect skin cells from ultraviolet radiation and dry damage, and keep skin elastic, moisturized and radiant. Shiseido sunscreen has always been my favorite. This is a new product of the Anisha family. Sales only started in March. Compared with the golden bottle sunscreen, which was very popular in the past, this sunscreen has a thicker texture, but it still has good extensibility and has little impact on skin color. The oil control effect is also very obvious. It is not difficult to see from the test that the product itself is very refreshing and has good water effect. It is suitable for all kinds of skin mm. The only disadvantage is that the waterproof and sweat resistance are slightly poor. Sweaty mm needs to constantly repair the sunscreen.

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