How many times do white porcelain dolls work

Every girl’s dream is to have a white and flawless skin, because from the visual effect of people, everyone likes clean things. For example, children have been white and tender since childhood, and everyone likes them very much. This is also the goal that many women have always wanted to achieve. Many girls spent a lot of money on whitening, but it was only a flash in the pan in the end. Now there is a function of laser rejuvenation and whitening called white porcelain doll. We can see from the name alone that it has white and tender skin like a porcelain doll. So, does this white porcelain doll have a good effect, how does it whiten, and what should be paid attention to?

what is a white porcelain doll?

Porcelain white laser skin rejuvenation and whitening, that is, “white porcelain doll”, is a new name. It is different from the “black faced Doll” skin beautifying system that has been popular in China for a long time, because it combines color light, black faced doll and C6 laser freckle removing function, which can completely solve the other three single effects and achieve comprehensive improvement of patients’ facial skin problems.

efficacy of white porcelain doll

1. Whitening and beautifying skin: fade spots, improve skin tone, remove yellow and black, resist aging and rejuvenate skin. Increase skin elasticity and luster.

2. Delay aging: remove wrinkles, tighten skin and remove fine wrinkles.

3. Improve skin quality: tighten and improve, shrink pores, remove blackheads and acne, fade acne marks, and improve oil secretion.

4. Deep cleaning: make the skin “hairy” and make the essence and maintenance products that are rubbed on weekdays well absorbed.

How many times can white porcelain dolls be effective? What should we pay attention to after operation? Many friends do not know much about white porcelain dolls. Today, I will explain them in detail.

how many times does the white porcelain doll work

Generally speaking, the white porcelain doll can see the effect once, and the effect will be gradually reflected in a week. However, in order to consolidate the effect, it is recommended that beauty lovers do a course of treatment (generally 4-6 times) if conditions permit, so that the function of white porcelain dolls to brighten the skin tone and remove skin spots will be better reflected.

how long is the interval between each treatment

Generally, the interval between each time is 3-4 weeks, and beauty lovers need to pay attention to the quality of sleep at night during this period, because the skin will slowly repair during sleep, and the skin of people with good sleep quality will repair faster. As the skin needs to be renewed every 4 weeks or so, after a new round of skin metabolism, the white porcelain doll can take out the melanin in the current skin again and achieve better results.

how long can the effect last

The time for white porcelain dolls to maintain the effect generally depends on the number of treatments they receive. In general, the more times they receive treatment, the longer the effect will be maintained. The effect of a single white porcelain doll can last for 4-8 months, and after five treatments, the whitening effect can usually last for 2-3 years. However, everyone makes white porcelain dolls with different effects.

the effect of white porcelain dolls varies from person to person.

1. The treatment process of the patients is different.

Ordinary white porcelain doll treatment only includes deep light cleaning and long pulse laser blasting melanin, while the more perfect white porcelain doll treatment is divided into three main steps, namely: Q-switched laser freckle removal, long pulse width laser wrinkle removal and dot matrix laser stain removal. Generally, the more the main steps are, the more the really useful treatments will be received. In this way, the effect of white porcelain dolls will be better. Therefore, it is best for beauty lovers to understand the procedure of white porcelain dolls before receiving treatment.

2. Postoperative care of patients is different

The postoperative care of the recipients is different, which also leads to different time for the white porcelain doll to take effect. Many friends think that after the white porcelain doll is finished, they can wait for the effect to appear. In fact, postoperative care is an indispensable step. Beauty lovers pay attention to moisturizing and daily sunscreen. If they do not exfoliate the skin and strengthen the quality of sleep, they can also maintain the effect of white porcelain dolls.

what should we pay attention to after operation

1. Strengthen moisturizing

Friends who love beauty can use a medical special repair facial mask after surgery to help moisturize and repair. The basic moisturizing of beauty lovers can’t fall behind sooner or later. Moisturizing and hydrating are necessary measures to improve the skin’s own repair ability. If moisturizing and hydrating are done well, the effect of general white porcelain dolls will be better.

2. Do a good job in sunscreen

White porcelain dolls belong to laser skin beautifying products, and all laser projects need to do a good job in basic maintenance of sun protection. After treatment, everyone should strengthen daily sun protection. In addition to sunscreen, it is better to carry an umbrella, a sun hat, sunglasses and a sun mask to strengthen the protection of the face, because only by preventing direct ultraviolet rays can we reduce the damage of the sun to the skin.

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