How about the beauty effect of white porcelain doll

What is the beauty effect of white porcelain doll? After treatment, you can immediately feel that your skin is tight and moist within an hour, and you can obviously find that many small fine lines have disappeared. What is the beauty effect of white porcelain doll? Let’s introduce it to you by Xiaobian.

1. What is the beauty effect of white porcelain doll?

1.1. Whitening and beautifying skin: fade spots, improve skin tone, remove yellow and black, resist aging and rejuvenate skin. Increase skin elasticity and luster.

1.2. Delay aging: remove wrinkles, tighten skin and remove fine wrinkles.

1.3. Improve skin quality: tighten and promote, shrink pores, remove blackheads and acne, fade acne marks, and improve oil secretion. How about the beauty effect of white porcelain doll

1.4. Deep cleaning: make the skin “hairy” and absorb the essence and maintenance products that are rubbed every day.

2. What are the side effects of white porcelain doll?

2.1. After treatment, there may be a short-term redness, swelling and heat reaction on the skin. At this time, it is necessary to absorb heat, cool down and replenish water. It is recommended to use face patches or ice films, which can quickly absorb heat, cool down, replenish water, inhibit bacteria and promote skin metabolism.

2.2. After treatment, it is necessary to avoid direct exposure of ultraviolet rays from the sun and strengthen sunscreen. It is recommended to use sunscreen products with SPF25 or above and supplement them every 3-4 hours to strengthen the protection against ultraviolet rays and reduce the photoaging phenomenon. Please reapply sunscreen products every 2-3 hours when going out. It is best to do a good job of physical sunscreen by holding an umbrella and wearing a hat.

2.3. Within one week after treatment, do not use maintenance products containing fruit acid, a acid, salicylic acid, exfoliation, high concentration of vitamin C, alcohol and other irritating ingredients. To prevent skin irritation and swelling.

3. What are the advantages of white porcelain doll over traditional whitening?

3.1. Safe and painless: white porcelain doll is the most comfortable cosmetic method without adverse reactions, pain and damage to the skin during treatment.

3.2 high cost performance ratio: compared with other cosmetic methods, it has better price and effect advantages, no worries, high safety, and easy to accept the treatment process.

3.3. Obvious curative effect: white porcelain doll can be effective in whitening, anti-aging, rejuvenating and shrinking pores at the same time. After treatment, it can hold the skin for a long time, and the effect is also very obvious.

White porcelain dolls are porcelain white laser skin rejuvenation and whitening. Through Q1064 ultra short pulse width mode, acc1064 long pulse width mode and Q1064 flat dot matrix mode, it can decompose the pigment and spot in the dermis and dermis.

The question of how many times a course of treatment should be done varies from person to person, and a suitable scheme will be formulated according to each person’s skin condition. A standard course of treatment needs to be done five times, and the number of times of poor skin conditions will increase accordingly. How often are white porcelain dolls made. Because there is a cycle for skin metabolism and metabolite production, the effect of white porcelain doll is not superposition of times, and the more times the better. After each time, the skin needs a certain recovery period, and too frequent treatment in a short time will cause serious damage. How about the beauty effect of white porcelain doll

Using high power and super strong Nd: YAG laser; At the same time, it is equipped with non exfoliating dot matrix laser, and adopts “three-dimensional dot matrix” technology and dual wavelength high-power solid laser technology to clean the cuticle deposits and colored material deposits on the epidermis. The high-energy light waves released by the long pulse width laser in a short time are used to stimulate the functions of collagen fibers and elastic fibers.

risks and prevention of white porcelain dolls

When the white porcelain doll laser acts on the face, the high heat energy generated is transmitted to the dermis, which destructively stimulates the functions of collagen fibers and elastic fibers. Activate the repair intelligent system in the body, and let a large amount of nutrients gather at the damaged part to accelerate wound recovery. The main forces of these nutrients are acmetea growth factor, hyaluronic acid and collagen. How about the beauty effect of white porcelain doll

If the self growth factor, collagen and hyaluronic acid are seriously lack of nutrition, the damaged cells cannot be completely repaired and recovered, the skin moisture will lose and the blood vessels will contract, the skin will not be moisturized, the deep cells of the face will be damaged in a large area, the skin’s self repair and UV protection function will decline, and it is easy to produce side effects such as pigmentation, dryness, blisters, redness and scarring.

After laser, the skin has a certain emergency response to laser stimulation, the absorption capacity of the skin is enhanced, the metabolism is accelerated, and the elastic fiber of the skin is damaged. The moisture in the moisturizing layer evaporates and loses, resulting in pigmentation. Therefore, there is no dry, dull, or spot after operation.

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