What does a woman wash her face with to whiten it

We all value skin care. In this age of looking at the face, we still have to pay more attention to our own skin care. As the saying goes: one white covers three ugly. There are many ways to whiten your face. Today, I will introduce the methods of washing and whitening your face. What can be used to wash your face to whiten it? Interested friends can learn about it with Xiaobian.

what can I use to wash my face and whiten it

1. Rice washing water

Can rice washing water also be used to wash and whiten your face? Yes, in recent years, the whitening trend of rice washing water has swept Japan. Do you want white and tender skin? There must be nothing wrong with washing your face with rice washing water.

Why does rice washing water have such skin beautifying effect? This is because white rice contains water-soluble “water-soluble vitamins” and “minerals”, which will remain in the rice washing water, especially rich in vitamin B groups. Because it is a natural ingredient, it is not only suitable for sensitive skin, but also for washing your face every day.

2. White sugar

Usage: after washing your face with facial cleanser, put a little white granulated sugar (medically speaking, sugar is good for wound healing) on your palm, add a little water to rub (to prevent excessive irritation and allergy), and then put it on your face to rub and wash. After about one minute, wash it with clean water.

3. White vinegar

White vinegar diluted with water can be used to wash your face. White vinegar itself has the functions of bacteriostasis, whitening and softening horniness. Washing your face with white vinegar every day can make your face white, tender and tender, and inhibit the growth of acne.

Usage: add a bottle of white vinegar to warm water and mix well. After cleansing, wash your face with white vinegar water, tap it gently, and finally wash it with cold water to shrink pores.

4. Milk

Washing your face with milk is very helpful for skin care. It can make your skin more smooth and white, and you can see the effect immediately after using it. Therefore, many people will wash their face with milk before applying makeup to increase the delicacy and obedience of the face.

Moreover, milk provides sufficient nutrition for the skin. For sunburned skin, ice milk can ease and care for the damaged skin, relieve pain, and make the skin recover quickly. At the same time, the moisturizing effect of milk is also very significant, which makes the skin hydrated while whitening, and sufficient protein strengthens the skin’s resistance.

5. Beer

Beer can shrink pores and achieve a certain whitening effect. Pour a small bowl of beer, dip cotton yarn into the beer, then twist it dry and apply it on the face. After half an hour, the water will be sucked dry. Repeat the steps above several times, so that the skin can become tight and smooth, and the whitening effect can be achieved if you persist for a long time.

6. Light brine

Light saline can exfoliate the skin, clean the skin and achieve a certain whitening effect. Take an appropriate amount of salt and clean water and mix them evenly. Pay attention to the high concentration of salt water. Then dip the cotton pad with salt water, gently smear it on the face, wait for the salt water on the face to evaporate, and then wash it with water.

7. Chrysanthemum petals

Chrysanthemum is rich in essence and chrysanthemum essence. These effective ingredients can inhibit the production of melanin, soften skin cells, and make skin more smooth and white. This whitening prescription is to seal and store chrysanthemum petals with an appropriate amount of medical alcohol, take them out after one month, dilute them with cold water, and smear them on the skin to effectively whiten.

conclusion: now do you know all the seven whitening methods? Whitening skin is what all of us girls are doing, so if you are interested, you can also have a try. Skin care in autumn should be increased, otherwise dry weather will still bring a burden to our skin.

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