Effective whitening only needs these steps

As the saying goes, “one white covers three ugly”. Girls who love beauty all hope that they can have fair skin. Girls with white skin can gain a lot of points in appearance and clothing. But some people are born with black skin. What are the ways to whiten? How to quickly whiten the whole body? Let’s take a look at the relevant information about whitening!

whitening methods

Girls who like skin care should know some methods of whitening, but the main thing is to maintain their skin well, because with a good skin base, whitening has become nonsense if their skin is not good. With the acceleration of the pace of life and work, few people can spend time cleaning up the garbage of their skin. The first step of whitening is to exfoliate. Let’s have a look!

the first step of whitening is to exfoliate.

1. Regularly remove old horniness

The skin also has a certain aging phenomenon, so regularly removing the aged cuticle can make the skin energetic, so that the skin can continue to be young. In the first step of whitening, it is necessary to exfoliate regularly, but do not exfoliate very frequently, otherwise the skin will lose its protective barrier. Although old and waste cuticles are generated in the basal layer of the skin due to black spots, they are too keen to exfoliate, It will destroy the cuticle of the skin and make the skin more sensitive. In daily life, local exfoliation can be carried out, and then whitening steps can be carried out, with better effect.

Note: after daily cleaning of the face, do not scrub the face with a towel. Such rude actions will also cause damage to the cutin, which is not conducive to the whitening step.

2. Pay attention to moisturizing steps

The balance of water and oil is also very important for the skin. If the skin is short of water for a long time, it will have a serious phenomenon of oil, and then there will be acne. After a long time, the pores will be blocked, so moisturizing and hydrating is also a key step in whitening. Whitening is to accelerate the peeling process of melanin precipitation and purify the stratum corneum. Therefore, in the process of whitening, we also need to pay attention to moisturizing, In this way, the skin after whitening can get sufficient moisture and nutrition.

Note: moisturizing is good. Using makeup cotton and other tools to moisturize the face can not only clean old horniness, but also shrink pores.

3. Lemon whitening

In addition to the whitening methods in the daily steps of skin care and beautification, some physical whitening methods are also very effective. For example, use fresh lemon juice, add twice as much water to dilute it, then add three spoonfuls of flour, mix it into a facial mask and apply it on your face, wait 15-20 minutes, then remove the facial mask, or if you don’t think the steps are too cumbersome, you can directly stick the lemon slice on your face, wait for the same time, and then remove it to clean your face.

Once a day, seven days is also a cycle. The main function of lemon facial mask is to astringe, refresh and lubricate the skin, so as to activate the facial skin.

Note: many small owners often have a misconception when applying facial mask. They think that they need to wait until the skin has absorbed all the essence of the facial mask before removing it. This is a big mistake. The absorptivity of skin is limited. If it is applied for too long, it is easy for the facial mask to suck moisture back from the face and make the skin drier. The gain outweighs the loss. The best time to apply facial mask is generally 15-20 minutes.

4. Edible vinegar + salt whitening

Dilute edible vinegar (mainly white vinegar) and salt with water in a certain proportion, which is roughly water: white vinegar: salt = 9:3:1. Soak the diluted liquid with a towel and apply it to your face. One time in the morning and one time in the evening, while whitening the skin, it can also remove the acne marks on the face, killing two birds with one stone.

5. Use VC and detoxification whitening ingredients

The way to achieve the goal of whitening through ingredients is the welfare of beauty loving eaters. Small owners can beat the food full of VC into fruit juice for consumption, or directly crush the fruit and apply it on the face, which can also achieve the effect of whitening and freckling. VC foods mainly include: lemon, strawberry, grape, tomato, etc. Detoxification ingredients mainly include cucumber and papaya.

6. Keep your mood happy

Whitening is a long-term battle. You should not be impatient. You should maintain a happy mood. Sometimes, the darkness of the skin is not necessarily affected by external factors, but most likely from the pigmentation inside the body and other body organs. And a happy mood can make all organs of the human body operate in a full and healthy way, and can achieve the whitening effect.

how to quickly whiten the whole body

moisturizing and whitening

The skin needs water to moisturize before it looks shiny, white and tender. Especially in this autumn and winter season, face skin and body skin are prone to dryness and water shortage. After cleansing, moisturizing products should hydrate the skin and lock the moisture in the skin. Use whitening facial mask regularly, and pay attention to intensive skin care at night, because night is a good time for skin whitening. Before going out of the bathroom, wipe the whole body with the body lotion. MM who wants to sculpt can also massage his legs, thighs and abdomen. In this way, he can not only whiten the whole body, but also maintain a beautiful figure.

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