To whiten in autumn, you need to exfoliate

When we use various whitening methods to whiten, we don’t realize that removing the horniness of the skin is the key to whitening and skin care in autumn. Removing the rough horniness on our face can help us restore the brightness, whiteness and softness of our skin. So, should the exfoliation and whitening method be selected according to your own skin quality? In autumn, due to the dry climate, our skin is also dry and dark yellow. Many women who love beauty put moisturizing and hydrating in the highlight of skin care in autumn, but there is no great improvement. Why is this? In fact, exfoliation is the key to skin care in autumn.

Some friends still have such misconceptions: in autumn, the weather turns cool, the climate is dry, and the protective layer of the skin becomes weak, so it should not be exfoliated in autumn. In fact, you can’t forget to exfoliate in autumn, which is very helpful for skin care.

first, why should I exfoliate?

Due to the influence of external environment deterioration, unbalanced diet and irregular work and rest, our body metabolism will slow down. Abnormal metabolism will make the cuticle cells unable to fall off, and the cuticle will be thick piled on the skin surface, so the skin will become dull and rough. If the horniness on the face is not removed in time, it will seriously affect the absorption of nutrients and skin care products. Therefore, regular exfoliation is very important for beauty and skin care.

II. Exfoliation of different skin types

Our skin can be roughly divided into dry, oily and sensitive. We’d better choose suitable exfoliation methods and products according to our own skin quality, otherwise it will easily self defeating and damage the skin’s protective layer.

1. Facial mask is suitable for exfoliating sensitive skin

Because the cuticle of sensitive skin is very fragile. Exfoliating products such as scrub cream are easy to damage the skin, and the exfoliating method of facial mask is relatively mild. Friends with sensitive skin can use a facial mask or face cream containing exfoliating ingredients when exfoliating. The exfoliating effect of these products is not inferior to that of scrub cream, and they can deliver nutrients to the deep layer of the skin, and nourish the skin while exfoliating.

2. Friends with oily skin who often have acne should work hard on basic cleaning every day

Facial cleanser and lotion are actually the best choice for exfoliating. Every day we should thoroughly cleanse our face, so that oil secretion can be regular, and don’t put too much burden on the skin. After cleansing, you can use some refreshing and oil controlling lotion, and apply a mud like deep cleansing facial mask once a week.

It should be noted that if you have pustular pimples on your face, you must never use exfoliating products again, otherwise it will be too irritating and bring more skin problems.

3. Dry skin can be exfoliated with cleansing cotton

Because the skin cleaning cotton is easy to fit the skin surface, it can quickly infiltrate the effective ingredients into the pores. At the same time, the skin cleaning cotton can gently remove the residual dirt, especially suitable for the T-shaped area or the ear and other parts that are not easy to exfoliate, and also has a moisturizing effect.

the habits that skin care is most afraid of

insufficient fat intake

Pushkardi American nutritionist agaanwar said that pursuing a low-fat diet can reduce the quality of skin. Too strict a low-fat diet will lead to dry skin and premature aging of skin. Fat is an indispensable nutrient for healthy skin and can keep skin moisture and elasticity. It is very important to keep skin healthy by taking in important fatty acids from fish oil, eggs and vegetables.

prefer sweet food

American nutritionist, Florida of Milan, said that it will inevitably lead to excessive high blood sugar candy, elevated blood sugar, change the cuticle structure and elasticity of the skin, and make the face wrinkle in my time. Snacks rich in protein are the best choice. Nuts and plant seeds contain healthy skin oils.

ointment as skin care product

There are papules, erythema and ecdysis on the skin. Many ointment can work in the short term, but not in the long term. You should go to the doctor as soon as possible.

I love squeezing acne. Acne is often caused by bacterial or viral infection. Squeezing acne and then touching the skin in other places can produce more new acne. Optional tightening can also easily leave scars on acne, resulting in enlarged pores.

the washing water is too hot.

Dr. Starr, an American expert on skin protection, said that it is strange that washing your face with hot water will weaken the skin capillaries. Studies have found that when washing your face with warm water at 25 degrees Celsius, the sebum film appears drier than when washing your face with cold water. The higher the temperature, the easier it is to lose its protective high oil.

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