How to whiten skin in a short time

How can I whiten my skin in a short time? Everyone has a love of beauty. Every girl hopes that her skin can be smooth and delicate and become whiter. So, how can I whiten my skin in a short time? The following Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction.

1. How to whiten skin in a short time

I smeared my face with milk. Put a few drops of water into the bottle or bag of the finished milk, shake it well, pour it into the palm of your hand, smear it on your face, and then wash it with water 5-6 minutes after application. If this method is used for a long time, the face will become increasingly white and tender. It is more effective if it is used after bathing.

When washing rice every day, leave the first and second washing water, let it clear slowly, and then take the clean water part on it to wash your face, so that your face can become white and delicate. This kind of rice washing water is more suitable for oily friends, because after washing your face with it, your face will not be too bright. After washing your face with rice washing water, wash it with 3 times as much water.

2. What can you eat to help whiten?

Pork feet soup. Pig’s foot soup can increase the elasticity of skin. As pig’s feet are rich in colloid, taking 5000mg collagen every day can increase skin elasticity, reduce fine lines and make skin look younger.

Monkey peach salad. Monkey peach salad can help skin detoxify. Because fruits are rich in vitamins, eating more fruits can help the skin detoxify, and Mihoutao has a high content of vitamin C, which can interfere with the production of melanin, help eliminate the dullness on the skin, and make the skin brighter. How to whiten skin in a short time

3. Whitening Tips

Honey and egg yolk. Use an egg yolk, add a spoonful of honey, stir evenly, wash your face with warm water, apply it to your face for about ten minutes, and then wash it with warm water after the facial mask is completely dry, and then use makeup water and moisturizing products. Then, the skin will feel white, tender and elastic.

Honey and tomatoes. Stir half of the tomato into juice, add appropriate amount of honey into a paste, evenly apply it to the face or hand, and wash it off after about 15 minutes. It can whiten and moisturize the face and hands at the same time. Especially suitable for use in summer, it can effectively remove greasiness, prevent infection, and make skin white, tender and delicate.

how to naturally whiten

Rub the face with wax gourd tablets every day or wash the face with wax gourd pulp frequently, which can make the facial skin fine and smooth and reduce chloasma. This may be related to histidine, urinary enzymes, vitamins and trace elements contained in melon pulp. How to whiten skin in a short time

White radish is rich in vitamin C, which is an antioxidant and can inhibit melanin synthesis, prevent fat oxidation and prevent lipofuscin deposition. Therefore, eating white radish often can make the skin white and delicate. Cucumber is rich in protein, sugar, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, which can whiten skin, maintain skin elasticity and inhibit the formation of melanin. So beauties should eat more of these vegetables.

what substances does the product contain have a good whitening effect?

1. Fruit acid

An acid extracted from fruits, among which the best effect is the glycolic acid extracted from sugarcane, which is currently the most commonly used. The function is to stimulate the growth of new cells after removing the excessive keratinized stratum corneum, and at the same time help to remove facial fine lines, dilute epidermal pigment, and make skin white, smooth and elastic.

2. Kojic acid

In the comparative test, it was found that among the existing whitening ingredients, its effect was the most obvious. Kojic acid is generally extracted from filamentous fungi such as Penicillium and Aspergillus. It is a toxic cell, so it has not been fully popularized in the market. How to whiten skin in a short time

3. Arbutin

Arbutin, also known as myricetin and arbutin, is a component extracted from the leaves of arbutin. At a concentration that does not affect cell proliferation, arbutin can accelerate the decomposition and excretion of melanin, thereby reducing skin pigment deposition, and has high safety. Arbutin is a commonly used whitening raw material in middle and high-end cosmetics in recent years.

It is one of the first representative additives used in whitening products. Its security is good, but its stability is poor. If left unprotected, it will soon lose its activity in the cream. In order to stabilize it, people have proposed various methods, such as using pectin in orange flesh to maintain its natural activity, until it is applied to the skin, pectin is destroyed and released.

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