Skin is naturally black, how to whiten

How can my skin be naturally black and white? For whitening, both white and black people will be involved in this problem. Women have been working hard for whitening all their lives. So how can I whiten my naturally black skin? Xiaobian will answer for you. Can you whiten with aloe gel? We should avoid using Aloe Vera to directly wipe our face in daily life, because our skin is an epidermis full of sensitive nerves. Can aloe vera gel whiten our skin?

1. Eat less food rich in tyrosine

Because tyrosine is the basic material of melanin. That is to say, melanin is converted from tyrosine by tyrosinase. If the intake of tyrosine is less, the basic material for synthesizing melanin will be less, and the skin will become white. Therefore, eat less food rich in tyrosine, such as potatoes and sweet potatoes.

2. Eat foods rich in vitamin C.

Chemical experiments have proved that the series of reactions of melanin formation are mostly oxidation reactions, but when vitamin C is added, the formation of melanin can be blocked. Therefore, eat foods rich in vitamin C, such as wild jujube, fresh jujube, tomato, Rosa roxburghii, citrus, fresh green leafy vegetables, etc. Skin is naturally black, how to whiten

3. Pay attention to foods rich in vitamin E.

Modern scientific research has proved that vitamin E is an antioxidant in human body, especially the antioxidant of fat, which can inhibit the peroxidation of unsaturated fatty acids and other unstable compounds. Lipofuscin in the human body is the peroxide of unsaturated fatty acids. Vitamin E has the effect of inhibiting their peroxidation, thus effectively resisting the deposition of lipofuscin on the skin and keeping the skin white. Foods rich in vitamin E include cabbage, cauliflower, sesame oil, sesame, sunflower seeds, rapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, etc.

4. Often use some skin care products

Even the most common moisturizer can play a good role in moisturizing the skin. Moisturizing cream can not only moisturize skin and fade fine lines, but also effectively prevent skin aging, promote self-repair of skin, and achieve good skin care effect. Don’t mess with your skin, take good care of it, don’t deliberately use some so-called scientific and technological products for darkening or whitening, some of which will cause cancer, or it is better to be simple, natural and casual. The most important thing is that your skin is healthy.

reasons for dark skin

1. Natural melanin secretion is high

Natural melanin secretes more, and skin melanin is easy to accumulate. The natural environment hurts the skin, and the main culprit is ultraviolet rays, which can cause skin darkening, aging and wrinkles.

2. Dark skin caused by food

Favorite foods are rich in zinc, copper and iron. These metal elements can directly or indirectly increase the activity with melanin. These foods mainly include animal liver, kidney, oyster, shrimp, crab, beans, walnuts, black sesame, raisins, etc. the skin is naturally black, how can it be whitened

3. Black skin caused by drugs

Drug affinity melanin. Many drugs also change the normal skin color. For example, chloroquine, sedatives, and ointment containing mercury are more anticancer drugs that cause skin color changes.

4. Black skin caused by disease

Some diseases are triggers. Among them, the most common are endocrine system diseases, chronic consumptive diseases, malnutrition diseases, chronic liver diseases, skin diseases, especially skin diseases caused by certain food allergies

5. Poor sleep can cause dark skin

Rest and sleep also have a great impact on skin color. Poor rest and insufficient sleep not only affect health, but also slow down skin blood flow, constrict blood vessels, form blood stasis spots, and turn skin grey and black.

daily skincare tips

Eat more foods with high vitamin C content: kiwifruit, strawberry, asparagus, white radish, winter melon, cucumber, tomato, lettuce and other vegetables and fruits, all of which contribute to whitening. Women who need whitening can eat more of these foods every day.

Adequate sleep: research shows that when people stay up late, melanin in their bodies will run out, which will cause various color spot problems. At the same time, if you can keep enough sleep, you can reduce the formation of these melanins. 3. Clean your face in time: it is necessary to prevent skin pores from blocking, because if pores are blocked, they will cause melanin, so you must keep pores smooth every day. Skin is naturally black, how to whiten

Reduce the harm of ultraviolet rays to the human body: do a good job of sunscreen every day. When you go out, you should wear sunscreen, take sunscreen tools, and replenish sufficient water.

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