How does Tan turn white quickly

How does Tan turn white quickly? Ultraviolet rays can accelerate the deposition of melanin on the skin surface, and also stimulate melanoblasts to secrete more melanin, which makes human skin black and long spots. How does hot summer tan quickly turn white?

1. Use moisturizing spray if you are tanned.

The skin loses a lot of moisture after being exposed to the sun. Keeping the skin hydrated at all times is the first condition for whitening the whole body. At this time, it is best to use a moisturizing spray, which has a small molecular weight and can penetrate directly into the skin and often spray it on the face. Applying whitening lotion to your face can effectively save your sunburned skin. If conditions permit, put the lotion in the refrigerator to cool it in peacetime. When you need to apply your face, take it out and apply it to your face to achieve whitening effect. The effect is good.

2. Deep care with Hydrating Facial Mask

After exposure to the sun, the epidermal cells of the skin will be damaged to a certain extent, and will turn red and hot. In order to recover the skin from the irritated state, the surface temperature of the skin must be reduced first. When the redness, swelling and pain subside, you can obviously feel that the skin becomes dry and rough, and even moult in serious cases. At this time, do not use exfoliating products, but focus on moisturizing to gradually regulate the metabolism of the skin.

Methods: applying Hydrating Facial Mask before going to bed can effectively soothe the sunburned skin and quickly replenish the lost water for the skin. For those who care about spots, choose the whitening facial mask to prevent them, and metabolize the dullness and pigmentation that have been formed.

3. Whitening care after tanning

Step 1: Whitening Cleanser: after tanning, use a cleansing product with whitening ingredients to contact the skin first, gently clean the skin surface, and make the skin clean and shiny; Step 2: whitening lotion: After cleansing, use the lotion with whitening ingredients to let the whitening ingredients enter the cells and whiten deeply; Step 3: Whitening Essence: the whitening essence can directly penetrate the epidermis, remove the pigment that has been generated on the skin surface, and prevent skin blackness and color spots caused by ultraviolet rays; Step 4: whitening lotion: the lotion with whitening ingredients has high moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients, which can not only deeply moisturize and whiten, but also make the skin white, transparent and smooth; Step 5: Whitening Facial Mask: the whitening facial mask can help strengthen whitening and restore the whiteness and luster of tanned skin in the shortest time.

how to get better sunscreen effect

1. You can’t rest easy even if you use face dressing to isolate from sun protection.

The sun protection value of sunscreen is measured when 2mg of sunscreen is applied to 1 square centimeter of skin. Few people can achieve this amount in real life, and naturally it is difficult to achieve the marked sun protection capacity. In particular, sunscreen with the effect of beautifying and embellishing can easily turn into a dead white geisha face after a large amount of application. Therefore, if you are outdoors for a long time, you can superimpose it with colorless sunscreen to achieve better sunscreen effect.

2. Sunscreen is very important for eyes

Medical research shows that cataract caused by failing to do a good job of eye sunscreen has increased in recent years. If the eyes are overexposed to the sun, the proteins of the lens will absorb ultraviolet rays, which will turn yellow and hard over a long period of time, resulting in cataracts. In particular, blue light is more harmful to the retina. Blue light will cause fat deposits in retinal cells and cause retinal damage. Therefore, effective eye protection is the most important step in summer sun protection.

how to whiten better in daily life

1. Do a good job in moisturizing

Hydrating the skin is an eternal topic of maintenance. The first thing is to drink more water. The most basic requirement is to have enough water in the body. It is especially recommended to drink detoxifying and beautifying tea to remove the toxins accumulated in the body and cut off the root cause of skin deterioration. There are many ways to replenish water. Recently, I often come into contact with moisturizing cream and essence, but the better moisturizing spray can be carried around and replenished at any time.

2. One bag of milk a day

Milk is a good thing. It contains rich minerals. I insist on having a glass of milk before going to bed every day, which can beautify and help sleep. It is also a good choice to insist on making a facial mask with milk. I generally mix milk + pearl powder + ve to make a facial mask, which is cheap and has good effects.

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