What is the fastest method of skin whitening

It is said that a white skin can cover up a hundred ugly faces, and everything looks good when you wear white skin. How to whiten is a question that every girl wants to know, but when your skin is dry, dull, yellow and thirsty, can you still whiten? So what is the fastest way to whiten the skin? Today I will introduce the fastest way to whiten your skin! Let’s have a look.

quick whitening method

1. Drink more water

In fact, the most simple and convenient way to whiten is to drink more water. Many people may think that drinking water does not have much effect on whitening. However, to whiten, we should pay attention to the supplement of water. Moderate supplement of water to cells can take away the old wastes in the body. Usually, ultraviolet radiation will cause melanin melanin hyperplasia in the bottom layer of the skin. It can be removed quickly by supplementing water appropriately to promote metabolism. This method is more practical than that of skin care products.

2. Red wine Bath

Mix the excess red wine in warm water. The pouring amount is 500ml on hot days and about 750ml in winter. The rich grape polyphenols in red wine have the functions of antioxidation, promoting blood circulation and whitening skin. The alcohol in red wine can promote the skin to absorb nutrients, so that the health care status can enter the inner layer of the skin more quickly.

3. Whole body whitening lotion is indispensable

Simple body milk can only moisturize. If you want to achieve the whitening effect, you must choose a whitening lotion with whitening effect. This is also the first and crucial step of the whole body whitening method. Especially in the night care stage, the use of whitening lotion should be strengthened. The regeneration speed of cells at night is twice as fast as that in the daytime. This is the best time to whiten and repair the skin and improve the whitening effect.

4. Vinegar egg whitening

Take a fresh egg, wash it, wipe it dry, add 500ml of high-quality vinegar and soak it for one month. When the egg shell is dissolved in the vinegar, take a small tablespoon of the solution and mix it with a cup of boiling water. Take it after stirring, one cup a day. Taking vinegar egg liquid for a long time can make the skin smooth and delicate, and remove all black spots on the face.

5. Shanlian grape porridge

Yam and lotus seed are good for tonifying the spleen, which can make the skin delicate and shiny; Grape wine is dry and sweet, flat and astringent, which can benefit Qi and ambition, and nourish blood and beauty. Therefore, the combination of three products can strengthen the heart and spleen, which is very suitable for those who have long suffered from physical failure. Raw yam slices 50g, lotus seed meat 50g, raisins 50g, a little sugar. Boil the three things together into porridge, such as sugar. You can also steam the three things into mud and add sugar to eat them. It can make your complexion ruddy, resist aging, and make your skin white and tender.

what should we pay attention to in whitening

bad habit No.1: Crazy abuse of whitening and freckle removing products

Regardless of their skin quality, many beautiful women blindly try all kinds of products that boast that they can whiten and remove freckles. They have tried countless whitening and skin care products but failed to improve, and the result can only add countless troubles to their skin. In fact, whitening should follow an individualized plan, and different skin should choose whitening and freckle removing products with different ingredients and effects according to the right medicine.

bad habit NO.2: I don’t think of wearing sunscreen until 30 degrees.

Ultraviolet rays are everywhere. Sunny, cloudy, outdoor, indoor, day, even night! It can not only reflect through the sand, cement road, etc., but also penetrate the glass. Take sunscreen with you every day and replenish it at any time to effectively protect yourself from the sun. Establish a correct whitening concept. Everyone’s skin’s demands for whitening are actually very different. If you just blindly seek whitening and make your face become a test field in the spirit of “Shennong tries hundreds of herbs”, then being careful about whitening will not destroy your skin! The following bad habits of whitening and sunscreen may make you never return to white, but be alert!

bad habit NO.3: indiscriminate use regardless of product ingredients

Many beauty salons that are not very formal will recommend you to use some quick whitening products. Never do irreparable damage to your skin for the sake of instant beauty. Those harmful ingredients may make your skin white for a short time, but with the passage of time, some color spots and sensitive symptoms will more perplex you, and even cause devastating damage to your skin. What you need to pay attention to: those products that claim to be able to whiten and remove freckles quickly usually contain glucocorticoids, which will make your skin white and tender in a short time. However, over time, acne spots caused by pigmentation will definitely make you regret it. When choosing products, you must ensure that the channels are regular. When you go to a beauty salon, you must also go to a regular beauty salon with certain qualifications.

bad habit NO.4: pick up the sunscreen and apply it casually

Pick up the sunscreen and wipe it indiscriminately. In fact, many parts have not been applied, otherwise they are completely uneven? Do steps sunscreen more thoroughly, and your skin will absorb the essence of lotion and become smooth!

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