The five fastest and most effective ways to dispel acne? Five fastest and most effective ways to eliminate acne

Acne is not only ugly, but also brings us discomfort. How can we get rid of acne? Hurry down and take a look at the fastest and most effective ways Xiaobian teaches you to remove acne.

Pay attention to cleanliness

Girls with acne usually have excessive oil secretion, unbalanced skin water and oil, and many small particles in ordinary life, which are easy to stay on the face. Various reasons will lead to the accumulation of dirt in the skin at the end of the day. Staying on the skin will easily lead to new acne, and will also cause great harm to the growing acne. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly clean every night, and choose a relatively mild cleanser for cleaning, It won’t irritate the skin.

Oil control and water replenishment

Girls with acne usually have oil on their skin or lack of water on their skin, resulting in imbalance of water and oil on their skin. Their skin will be in a sub-health state, which will lead to acne. Therefore, those who want to remove acne quickly must do a good job in oil control and water replenishment, so as to balance water and oil on their skin. Acne will naturally leave soon.

Drink plenty of water, detox

Drinking enough water can dilute the concentration of toxins and excrete toxins in the body through urine. Therefore, it is recommended to drink a cup of warm boiled water on an empty stomach after getting up in the morning, to ensure drinking about 1500 ml of water every day, and not to hold back the urine, because there are many toxins in the urine, which will be reabsorbed if not discharged in time and endanger health.

Get enough sleep

Our body has a set of fixed detoxification time. If we don’t get enough sleep, the whole detoxification process will be disturbed, resulting in the accumulation of toxins in the body, which will not only affect our face, but also affect our health. Many women like to stay up late, which is a very unhealthy habit. Because 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. the next day is the time for the gallbladder, liver and lungs to detoxify, and these detoxifying organs need to work in a quiet sleep state. Being a “night owl” for a long time will not only affect the mental state of the next day, but also cause dysfunction of the secretory system, and various toxins can not be discharged, resulting in dull complexion, bad breath and constipation.

Therefore, sleep quality is very important. Ensure adequate sleep, let the liver, gallbladder and lungs have a full rest, so as to discharge toxins and avoid the risk of acne.

Quit smoking (alcohol, high fat food)

Tobacco and alcohol not only contain many factors that harm the human body, but also long-term smoking and drinking can easily reduce the detoxification ability of the internal organs of the human body, lead to long-term accumulation of toxins in the body, and easily lead to skin diseases such as acne and spots. It is recommended that beauty lovers who smoke and drink should try their best to quit!

Many people like high-fat foods such as fried dough sticks, fried bread, French fries, etc. These high-fat foods contain very high calories, especially for beauty lovers who are prone to acne, these foods are taboos. These foods are easy to bring a burden to the human body. Because the amount of fat is too high, it is difficult to digest, and it is very easy to form acne!

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