6 freckle whitening tips for only 5 yuan

Freckle removal is a problem that almost every woman has to face. I believe many people have also searched for ways to remove freckles, but they have not been effective. In fact, simple ways to remove freckles are around us. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which can not only whiten but also remove freckles and wrinkles. Let’s have a look at the details.

lemon honey facial mask

Raw materials: lemon juice, honey

Lemon and honey are both excellent products for beauty and freckle removal. The combination of the two can achieve good results without any side effects.

The production method of lemon honey facial mask is very simple. Heat a spoonful of honey, add the same amount of lemon juice, stir and evenly apply it to the face, and wash it with water half an hour later.

Be sure to apply it at night, and you will find that your skin will change greatly the next day.

lemon flour facial mask

Ingredients: 1 lemon, 3 tbsp flour, 50ml water

The main function of using this facial mask is to whiten the skin. Flour can not only be eaten, but also be used for beauty, and the whitening effect is excellent.

Food that can be safely eaten can also be safely applied to the face.

After washing the lemon, press it into juice, then add water and flour to mix evenly, and then mix it into a paste. After cleansing, apply the prepared facial mask directly on your face, and wash it off with water half an hour later. It only needs to be used twice a week to produce unexpected results.

yogurt lemon facial mask

Raw materials: lemon juice, yogurt, honey

The beauty functions of the three major ingredients used in this facial mask are well known. “Strong strong combination” makes your skin white, tender and transparent, just like new life. It is especially suitable for mm with oily skin and more facial cuticle.

How to do it: first mix two tablespoons of yogurt and half a teaspoon of honey, stir well, then drop a few drops of lemon juice, stir well again, and then apply it to your face. After 15 minutes, wash it with warm water. Pay attention to avoid eyes when applying.

These three methods of using lemon facial mask for beauty are very simple, safe and effective, and applicable to all women. In addition, in addition to applying lemon facial mask, you can also drink lemon water to supplement vitamin C necessary for your body every day, detoxify, beautify, whiten and lighten spots. But remember not to drink on an empty stomach or drink too much at a time, otherwise it will have a negative effect.

egg vinegar solution whitening and freckling

Wash the fresh eggs, and then put them in a catty of high-quality rice vinegar. After about a month, the eggs can be used after melting.

how to eat

Take out a tablespoon of vinegar egg liquid and add some warm water to drink. Drinking one cup every day can eliminate the spots on your face.

spot surface refers to the method

This spot surface refers to the function of desalinating spots according to the method.


Stretch your thumb straight, hold the other four fingers slightly, and then press on the spot. The pressing method is vertical; The strength increases from light to heavy, and then extends outward from the center point to the edge of the spot.

spot surface finger rubbing method

This spot face finger rubbing method can dilute the color spots on the face.


Use your thumb to rotate the spot in circles, gently, 50-60 times per minute; Do it for half a minute at each pressing point, so that the color spots can be loosened.

spot face palm rubbing method

This spot face palm massage method is very simple and effective for facial color spots.


Rub the palms of both hands against each other, which will generate heat, then put the palms on the spot surface, and then grind them rhythmically; About 50-60 times per minute, so that the local pigment can be slowly diffused and quickly absorbed by the skin.

female whitening methods

6 very practical tips for whitening and freckling

Everyone likes to see beautiful things, and everyone loves beauty. Women want to be beautiful and have a clean face, but the trouble brought by color spots always comes. Color spots not only make us look older than we really are, but also affect our image.

whitening and freckle removing Tips 1

Peach blossom powder freckle removing peach blossom, wax gourd seed and honey Dry peach blossom in the shade and dry winter melon seeds in the same amount, grind them into fine powder, add honey to mix them, apply them to the affected part before bed, and wash them in the morning

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