How should summer face be suntanned?

It’s hot summer now, and it’s hard to avoid being exposed to the sun. In summer, the temperature outside is very high, and it will be very sunny if you stay outside for a while. What should you do if your face is red or black in summer? How can I whiten my face quickly? The ultraviolet rays in summer are very strong, which is very easy to sunburn and hurt people’s skin, but it doesn’t matter if you sunburn. Food can remedy it. Let’s take a look next.

what should I do if my face is red or black in summer

cold compress relieves sunburn in summer.

The skin that is sunburned in summer should be calm and soothed first, so the emergency way is to apply cold water or a towel refrigerated in the refrigerator to the face. This can quickly relieve the pain and burning sensation of the skin in the sunburn area and help the skin “calm down”.

aloe gel mask relieves the skin reddened in summer

Aloe vera gel contains aloe vera extract, which can help reduce redness, relieve skin and promote local metabolism when applied to the skin reddened by the sun. Never use fresh aloe juice or fresh aloe slices to directly contact the skin after sunburn to avoid irritation to the skin.

black tea alleviates skin reddened in summer

After the skin is red, take out three black tea bags that you drink at home, brew them with boiling water, dip them in a towel, and apply them to the sunburned skin. Theobromine in black tea can help skin take away excess solar heat and repair skin damage caused by the sun. But it should be noted here that towels can only be applied, not wiped, and the tea should be replenished immediately after it dries. If the sun is serious, you can also apply tea directly to the sunburned area.

yogurt alleviates the reddened skin in summer

Take the yogurt out of the refrigerator, smear it directly on your face, apply it for ten minutes, and then wash it with warm water. Yogurt is rich in live probiotics, which can help the skin to erect a natural barrier, so that the skin can repair itself and alleviate sunburn.

peppermint alleviates sunburn in summer

Menthol in mint leaves can soothe the reddened skin, resist bacteria, and eliminate inflammation and sterilization. Mash the mint leaves and apply them to the sunburned areas, or soak them in water after mashing, and make them into a spray after refrigeration to calm the sunburned skin.

Hydrating Facial Mask alleviates the reddened skin in summer

The skin after sunburn must be hydrated immediately. Abandon your whitening products for the time being and choose a safe and mild Hydrating Facial Mask! It is also a good choice to drink enough water for the suntanned skin, restore the elasticity of the skin, and let the skin repair itself!

How can I quickly whiten my face when I get sunburned

1. Aloe repair skin

My friends all know that aloe has the effect of sterilization, and using aloe can quickly calm damaged skin. Moreover, the ingredients in Aloe vera can penetrate into the skin to whiten, so it is a good way to use aloe vera when your face is red. In general, girls will choose to apply aloe vera gel. After all, aloe vera gel is a good product for repairing after sunburn. Of course, the effect of using fresh aloe at home will be better. Select an appropriate amount of aloe to remove thorns and wash them, and then apply aloe juice to the reddened parts of the face, which can soothe, calm and moisturize the skin, and also promote epidermal growth to whiten the skin.

2. Cucumber slice facial mask

After sunburn, the skin is not only damaged but also lacks moisture. In order to prevent the skin from turning dark, my friend can use cucumber facial mask to whiten it. The vitamin components contained in cucumber can effectively resist oxidation, calm the skin and relieve the pain of the skin. We cut the cucumbers cooled in the refrigerator into thin pieces and apply them to the face. Pay attention to replacing the cucumbers in time when they become dry. In this way, the skin can better absorb the active ingredients in cucumber, so as to alleviate the pain of sunburn, and resist free radicals on the skin to whiten the skin

3. Cold compress with light saline

The use of cold compress can reduce the capillaries on the skin, so it can quickly alleviate the condition of being sunburned. Adding a little salt can ease the pain and inflammation of the skin. In addition, cold compress can avoid the appearance of large pores, eliminate the inflammation on the skin and effectively whiten the skin.

4. Apply loofah water

After the skin is red, the skin is in a state of serious water shortage. In order to ensure the stability of the skin, loofah can be used. Squeeze loofah into juice after removing its flesh and add proper amount of water, then put it in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours and take it out. Smearing it on the sunburned part of the skin will effectively supplement the missing water, and also strengthen the skin’s ability to lock water to avoid skin dryness, prevent skin peeling, and enhance the stability of the skin. Therefore, it can better relieve and whiten the skin.

5. Use soothing hydrating spray

when the face is sunburned, it needs to be hydrated in time. Xiaobian thinks that spray with soothing effect can be used. Of course, pure water can also quickly calm the skin. Xiaobian hereby recommends weienshi’s active oxygen ice cream spray, which can replenish moisture and calm the skin at any time in the hot sun, enhance the skin’s resistance to prevent the skin from being sunburned, and effectively relieve and whiten the skin.

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