What should I do if my skin turns yellow? How can I whiten my skin

Skin whitening work can not stop. As the so-called “one white covers three ugly”, we must pay more attention to skin care in life. When we describe some people who live very hard, we always say that they are sallow and thin, and their faces are sallow on the basis of their very thin bodies. This is almost a representative image of malnutrition. But some people are in good health, but their faces are ugly. Why? What should I do if I look yellow? If you want to know the answer, please read on!

what should I do if I look yellow?

skin care before bed

Mm with dark complexion can choose to do skin care before going to bed, or apply a red wine facial mask to moisturize the skin and drive away the dullness. Pour the red wine directly onto the disposable facial mask cloth, and apply it to your face after cleansing for about 5 minutes.

Do it once a day before going to bed, and you will find that the effect is surprisingly good. However, mm with sensitive skin should use it with caution.

insist on taking a nap

Research shows that taking a nap is very helpful to our skin. Siesta can relax the body and mind, and the blood circulation is normal, which is more conducive to regulating the dark yellow skin and ruddy complexion, which will also be very helpful to the work in the afternoon.

you will get ruddy skin in a bath

Soaking in a hot bath can promote blood circulation throughout the body, expel toxins, and drive away dullness. If you can add some plant essential oil and bath salt when taking a bath, the effect will be better. The night before the date, you can take a comfortable hot bath and blind him during the date.

try not to make up.

Some people are worried that their face is yellow and ugly, so they apply a lot of cosmetics to cover it, which will make the skin impermeable and further damage the skin. They only need to wear light makeup a little, and it is good to be able to avoid makeup.

drink milk

Milk is a good beauty nutrition. Drinking it before bed can also promote the improvement of sleep quality, so that you can have a real beauty sleep.

regular exfoliation

If there is too much waste horniness on your face and it is not cleaned up, your face may turn yellow. It is necessary to exfoliate regularly, except for sensitive skin, once a week.

There are many exfoliating products. You can directly buy products launched by brands with good reputation, or you can mix salt with a small amount of water at home and apply it on your face for massage, which also has the effect of exfoliating.

multi exercise

Exercise is a good way to protect skin. Through exercise, the blood boils and the sweat drips, not only the fat in the body burns crazily, but also the toxins in the body are discharged in large quantities. If you keep exercising, you will find that your face becomes more ruddy and shiny than before. If you don’t want to exercise outdoors, you can choose to do aerobics indoors.

reasons for yellowing

insufficient HP

Many people with insufficient Qi and blood often have no blood on their faces and tend to turn yellow. This kind of people usually have weak digestion and absorption capacity. If you want to have a rosy complexion, you must first maintain and regulate your intestines and stomach, and eat more food that is easy to digest and that supplements blood and kidneys.

high pressure

Now the pressure of work and life is great, especially for career women working in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It is common to stay up late and work overtime. When necessary, there are social intercourse and drinking. A long time of insufficient sleep, improper diet and very little facial care will cause female friends to turn yellow. Facing computers for a long time can also make people haggard.

housewife type

Many men think that being a full-time wife at home is very leisure and comfortable. In fact, this idea is absolutely wrong. People who stay at home to cook and do housework every day and have little contact with the outside world will easily derail the society.

The physical appearance of the whole person at home is different from that at work. If the whole person does not have a main bone for a long time, it is easy to form a bad face.

poor blood circulation

The liver directly affects the blood vessels. When the liver fire is strong or the liver Qi is stagnant, it is easy to form Qi and blood blockage, which affects the blood circulation of the face and makes the skin naturally dull.

sun exposure

People who do not do a good job in sunscreen are prone to color spots or yellowing. Ultraviolet radiation is very harmful to human skin. An appropriate amount of ultraviolet radiation is beneficial to human health, but long-term exposure will accelerate the production of melanin in the human body. Melanin precipitates on the surface of the skin, which is easy to form color spots and make the whole face look dirty.

lack of exercise

Lack of exercise for a long time slows down the circulation and metabolism of the body and skin, resulting in excessive waste gas accumulation in the body.

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